Friday Fun: Your Assistance Required

I am in a foul mood. After a lovely week, my good mood came crashing down to earth yesterday afternoon with an email full of bad news about adoption timelines from our agency, The Agency That Never Returns Our Phone Calls (Or Performs Much Customer Service At All, Really). So I have been in a black, black mood for most of the last 24 hours.

Needless to day, I’m in not much of a mood for fun.

So I need YOU to help me with today’s Friday Fun. I need you to come up with 2 Friday Fun questions each. About any topic, whatever you like. Then we all still get some fun, and maybe it will jolly me out of my foul mood!

So who’s feeling creative and has some questions today?

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Your Assistance Required

  1. Since winter is upon us, I can only think of:
    1. Coasting or skating?
    2. Snowmen or snow angels?

    My answers:
    1. Coasting.
    2. Snowmen, when I make a snow angel I can’t get back up, picture Shamu on its back waving its flippers back and forth, yep, that’s me!

  2. Ooh good ones!

    I say:
    1. Coasting or skating? — Coasting (or tobogganing, as we call it). Because I cannot skate well and I hate it and it hurts my ankles.
    2. Snow men or snow angels? — I’d have to say snowmen too. Because usually packing-snow-weather is warmer, and at nighttime, it’s lovely to be out making a snowman.

    Now who’s next?

  3. Following on the winter theme when it is cold and windy and we are looking for something to do…………..
    1. Jigsaw puzzle or reading.
    2. Music or T.V.

    My answers:
    1. Jigsaw puzzles if you want company or reading if you want to be alone.
    2. Music it soothes and relaxes you where T.V. only makes you lazy and want to lay around.

    Cinn this is harder then it looks. I really had to think about this for a while.

  4. I forgot to answer the other questions.
    1.Coasting but only the down hill part I hate to go back up the hill. It’s a tough climb to the top.
    2.Snow angels, it is less work. You just lie down and wave your arms and legs.It sounds like less work.
    Does it sound like I am not out for a workout?

  5. 3. Jigsaw puzzle or reading? — Oooh that’s a tough one. I LOVELOVELOVE to read. But puzzles are fun too. I think I’ll have to go with reading.
    4. Music or T.V. — TOTALLY music. No question. One of the things I love most in life.

  6. 5. What was better to eat as a child, paste or crayons?
    6. Which would you rather have, too many purses or too many shoes?

    My answers:

    1. Tobogganing.
    2. Snowmen. Then I can sing “Let’s Build a Snowman” from the Cannibal! The Musical soundtrack.
    3. Reading. It’s rare that I have fewer than four books on the go.
    4. Music. TV I can take or leave, for the most part.
    5. Paste, although what I really preferred to do was eat endless sheets of paper.
    6. Too many shoes. Purses are great and all, but shoes are SHOES.

  7. 1. Let me see, I love reading but don’t have as much time for it as I used to. I used to spend hours doing puzzles but haven’t done one in ages. Must dig out one for over the holidays.
    2. TV honestly. I haven’t listened to music in forever. The TV seems to be on all the time here. When I finally have a minute to myself, I love to have the tv on and start knitting away. It is mindless relaxing.
    3. I don’t remember, probably crayons.
    4. Shoes for sure. I carry a diaper bag so no need for a purse right now, but shoes, I mean come on, who can actually have too many shoes?

  8. More good questions!

    5. What was better to eat as a child, paste or crayons? — Well, I ate neither, but I have it on good authority that paste was far more palatable. A certain tang, a pleasing aroma…
    6. Which would you rather have, too many purses or too many shoes? — DUDE. No contest. I’ve had one purse for, what, 7 years now? But I have MANY, MANY pairs of shoes.

  9. 1. skating – I love to skate!
    2. snow angels – It is always a challenge to fall into the snow so that you cannot see footprints!

    1.Reading – although I like to do jigsaw puzzles with other people.
    2. There really is not anything on TV so I would have to say music.

    1. I didn’t eat either but I would have to say paste.
    2. No contest for me – too many shoes! It is a challenge in itself because I have horrible feet and it is hard to find shoes. I hate changing purses – such a pain.

    MY TURN! Although it is Saturday not Friday.

    1. Fake Xmas tree or Real Tree?
    2. Christmas Pudding or Christmas Fruit Cake?

  10. 7. Fake Xmas tree or Real Tree? — Hm. That’s tough. While I love the smell of a real tree and they’re very pretty, I don’t believe in cutting down a tree for Christmas is a good thing… I’d rather leave it out in the environment to do all the good things it does there. So we invested in a high-quality fake tree a few years ago, and so now we have a perfect tree each year that is good for the environment and has by now paid for itself in money saved.
    8. Christmas Pudding or Christmas Fruit Cake? — I don’t remember the last time I had a Christmas pudding… but I know it was delicious. And with a lovely rum sauce on it, who can resist?

  11. Two more questions to round you out and then I’ll come back later to answer all ten.

    1. One fabulous picture of yourself with no real memories attached, or hundreds of horrible pictures of yourself from fabulous memories?
    2. Given the choice of nine months of unbearable heat or nine months of horrendous cold, which climate would you pick?

  12. This one is easy for me.
    1. One fabulous picture with no memories. Everyone with memories seen to be UGLY. Just one would be nice for a change.
    2. Nine months of hot weather. I can’t stand the cold but since I live in Canada I will have to take the cold but look out for the electric bill when it comes in.Yes, there would be some trips down south as well.

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