Christmas (Party) Comes But Once A Year

We went to BDH’s company Christmas party last night.

Let me say right off the bat, I have been to some VERY BAD corporate Christmas parties. I have worked for some very sketchy companies and generally speaking, you have to endure these cheap-ola Christmas parties, badly catered, with lots of badly behaved coworkers and drunken dancing… And at one, some hookers came in off the street and crashed the party. So I know that most of the time, you are there to make an appearance, show “you’re one of the team” (oh dotGod, how I hate that about corporate culture), and then escape as quickly as humanly possible.

This? Was not one of those parties.

They do such an excellent job with their corporate Christmas party at BDH’s company. They spare no expense, and it’s an elegant and social evening. Lots of mingling and chatting, gorgeous atmosphere, excellent (if some years a bit too haute cuisine) food — and absolutely NO DANCING. It’s always an event to look forward to. You get dressed up, you go to a lovely restaurant, and always have a nice time.

And last night was probably the best one yet. The food was simplified this year — no crazy weed salad with a big hunk of brie and walnuts in the middle, no strange herb-flavoured chocolate as in previous years — so we had very good steak or fish or something else (I forget), and caesar salad, and this awesome seafood crepe appetizer, and a big decadent dessert. The wine was lovely. The group we had at our table was fun, full of lively conversation. It was an excellent night.

(And BDH was part of the two-person committee that arranged everything. And it was PERFECT.)

This morning, however, I feel like I overindulged the night before — which indeed, I certainly did. I ate until I was stuffed. All that rich, wonderful food… and today, I have that “oh-my-doG-I-can’t-even-LOOK-at-food” kind of feeling. Happily, the red wine I drank did NOT come back to haunt me — no tannin headache (yet). And I am really tired.

But it was totally worth it. Not every week, of course… But for one special night of the year, we eat and drink until we’re ready to burst. And have a lovely time.

I almost — ALMOST — feel a bit Christmassy now.

(Talk to me after I operate on the dishwasher. I’ll be back to my Grinchy self.)

4 thoughts on “Christmas (Party) Comes But Once A Year

  1. THE YEARLY CHRISTMAS PARTY….. I remember a few that were a big flop. Like the dance where no one danced and left about a half hour after the music started because they didn’t want to dance and could not be heard over the music when talking to friends. Most of the parties had great food be it buffet or sit down fare but when the entertainment started everyone disappeared. I think the simplest affairs are the best way to go. Catch up with what has been going on in the last year, renew old friendships and meet new people who have just joined the company. It is nice to put faces to the new names. Glad you had a great time…Hats off to the organizers of this years party.

  2. One year, I spent a painstaking amount of time organizing a party for the school I was working for then. It was at a fabulous old schoolhouse, that was decorated in an enchanting manner for the holidays. They offered a simple meal that with service and I had hired a woman who makes the most incredible desserts ever to make a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate curls and so on. I was SO proud of the event I had planned and we had an expected turnout of over 140 people. (Go ME, right?)

    Well, in the middle of this party – which was a happy and boisterous affair – one woman began to tell a story to those in her group. The story apparently included a giggling imitation of a woman who SHHH’D people quite a bit. So, in her story she was demonstrating by using a lot of “Shhh”ing noises.

    Before long, my fabulous party DIED because she was “Shhhhing”. Dead. Silence. No. One. Said. A. Word.

    Your party sounds absolutely lovely. I am envious that I wasn’t there.

  3. I’m going to my sister’s work Christmas party tomorrow. I think that I might know three people. Oh well. I bought a beautiful dress and at least I will look good!

  4. Oh the beauty of working at home all by myself. I don’t have to put up with Christmas parties. We often get together for a nice meal at a restaurant and chat for ages on what has been going on with the boss. He usually pays, of course but probably not this year. He is starting to let people go because the Canadian Dollar is so high right now. Oh, well, maybe we’ll just get together for a coffee and chat. That sounds nice, indeed.

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