High-Tech Yoga (Cat Not Included)

I’ve been on a yoga kick lately.

With the gift of an iPod for an early birthday present, I’ve been exploring the world of podcasts. I watch and listen to all sorts of things — news, history, BBC, National Geographic — but what has been really big the last few days has been yoga podcasts.

I’ve explored a few, and found one I really enjoy. The instructor is gently humorous and easy to follow, and he has a wide variety of lessons. Some are easy, but most are a bit more advanced than I am accustomed to. They challenge me, at the moment to just keep up, but also because they are pretty tough and there’s new poses to learn.

So each day, at least once a day, I pull my laptop over to an open space in the room, and I start the podcast. I get settled and ready to start. I do a few preliminary poses. And then the inevitable happens.


Now, a lot about yoga is to be present in the moment, and to be conscious of your breathing or your body as you do a move. This is easier than it sounds when you have cats.

If Opus doesn’t suddenly find this the perfect opportunity to a) start shrieking her fool head off or 2) start sniffing around as though she is looking for a place to happen, then one of the others will surely distract me. Lucy will try to snuggle in under me as I do a child’s pose. Duncan will come and lay down in the space and lazily stretch a paw out to tap your hand while you try to do a pose. Any one of a number of cats will walk through, around, and under a downward dog. I get cold noses in my armpits as I lay on my back or purring in my ear.

The cats? They love the yoga, it seems.

So, we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet in this high-tech yoga workout thing. But I am happy to say that this new class is kicking my butt and I really enjoy it.

And apparently, so do the cats.

2 thoughts on “High-Tech Yoga (Cat Not Included)

  1. I bet that the cats see yoga as some sort of odd communication from you to them. When you think about it, yoga does tend to mimic cat movements. They probably think you are on their level.

  2. The dogs were the same with yoga for a long time. But last night I pulled out my mat, put on some music, dimmed the lights, and Len stretched out on the couch and went to sleep. So go figure, I guess she finds it relaxing, too.

    Good for you on finding a good podcast!

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