A Weekend of Happy

I’m enjoying such a feeling of contentment this morning. It’s true. I know, you are shocked.

Despite the nasty weather, despite our debt, despite issues with family, and despite myriad other little niggling life problems, I had such a nice weekend. And despite the inevitability of Monday coming, I still feel good.

A lot of it is because we had a wonderful weekend. A really great weekend. And I really savoured it, all weekend long. Even when we were working, it was good.

We had to clean like maniacs before friends came to visit on Saturday afternoon. And we cleaned for hours — but without the panic and stress I usually feel when people are coming over. A lot of it is because, since I am at home these days, I can keep on top of the housework and so it isn’t such a massively big job as it used to be. So we worked together, we cleaned the whole house, and it wasn’t a huge terrible chore. We chatted while we worked, and we just went room to room and got it done. Now, as I look around the room, it is tidy and clean and comfortable. And that makes me content. I love to be in a clean house.

Having friends over is also really nice. I so rarely get to socialize these days, now that I don’t go off to work every day, so having the opportunity to sit and chat and laugh with friends is great. Also, because we have very little money, we can’t afford to socialize as much as we used to, so when we do have the chance, it’s a real treat. And our friends are so laid back, there is no need to wait on them or fuss about things. And we introduced them to “Guitar Hero” which went over really well (although I do not play, because the scrolling screen hurts my eyes, but I do enjoy being around when others play).

We also went out to dinner on Saturday to quite possibly my favourite restaurant in the entire world. We had a spectacularly good dinner and some excellent wine and we were in an atmosphere where we feel at home. We know the staff and they make us feel so welcome. It was relaxing and lovely. Good food, good wine, good conversation, good friends — a perfect evening.

Saturday night through until this morning, we had a storm blow through, with snow and freezing rain and cold winds and rain. So yesterday, we relaxed all day in the house, while the storm carried on outside. I had supper in the crock pot so I didn’t have to worry about cooking. The house was clean and there was nothing pressing to do. It was nice. Eventually we had to go outside and shovel our way out of the mess and clear the driveway, but even that was nice. (Of course, I don’t mind shovelling the driveway — I like the hard work and I do it during the daytime or in the evening when nobody else is out to bug me and it is quiet.) The air last night was still and warm, and although it is really hard work, it was really pleasant. And BDH helped me, which he doesn’t often do because he hates shovelling the driveway so much, and even he had a not-completely-ass time of it.

So today, I have a bit of a hangover of contentment. I know there are things to worry about, like money and the upcoming holidays and cleaning and whatever. But right now, I still feel really positive. I am still enjoying that blissed-out feeling from the weekend. And I’m going to go with it, for as long as it lasts.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Happy

  1. Huzzah for the you! I’m so very pleased you had a marvelously wonderful birthday weekend. This makes me quite happy.

  2. It sounds wonderful to me too. The storm you are writing about is now upon us. Up to 30 centimeters of snow and winds up to 110 kilometers per hour. Now doesn’t that sound great when we have just come back from 84 degrees temp.in Florida. I hope I am that happy tomorrow when it is finished blowing through our province of N.S.

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