International Hug A Librarian Day

In honour of a year ago this week, when I was given an awesome and COMPLETELY necessary smackdown by some of the coolest librarians on the planet, here’s wishing you all a happy

“Unofficial International Hug A Librarian (and Return Your Overdue Books, Dammit) Day”

(But only if they WANT you to hug them. Remember, peeps, unwanted touching is WRONG. And also? Some of these librarians will lay you out. Don’t mess with them, man.)

It was a great time had by all, and so I designated Nov. 30 a holiday. And although I don’t use the blog anymore, I kept the Peevish Kitty blog open JUST for this day.

Librarians continue to rock my world, and they should rock yours, too.

Also, remember kids: don’t drink and blog.

1 thought on “International Hug A Librarian Day

  1. My love for the librarians knows no bounds. They are an unheralded force that should not EVER be reckoned with.

    ALSO? You want them to have your back if there is ever a smackdown to be had for they have the mad skills that will be needed.

    They talk softly but pack quite the punch.

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