Friday Fun: Brought to You by the Letter “S”

I am feeling kind of in a mood for choices today. And also? I was watching a podcast last night where they were showing clips from Sesame Street, and that got me to thinking…

So, today’s Friday Fun is brought to you by the letter “S” and the number “2”. (You’ll notice that “silly” also begins with “S”. A happy coincidence, that.)

  1. Slippers or socks?
  2. Saturday or Sunday?
  3. Spain or Sweden?
  4. Salty or sweet?
  5. Scuba diving or surfing?
  6. Steak or seafood?
  7. Skis or snowshoes
  8. Spinach or squash?
  9. Science fiction or satire?
  10. Swimming pool or sea?
  11. Sweater or sweatshirt?
  12. St. Lucia or Seychelles?
  13. “Silver Bells” or “Silent Night”?
  14. Sumo wrestling or synchronized swimming?
  15. Soup or stew?

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Brought to You by the Letter “S”

  1. 1. I have gotten into the habit now of wearing slippers. Is it an age things?
    2. I love Saturdays.
    3. Spain but not when they have the running of the bulls.
    4. I crave salty things more than sweet. I guess I’m sweet enough!
    5. Scuba diving for sure! Even though there are all those fishes swimming around I still love it. I do want to try surfing in BC.
    6. Well after scuba diving I always want some seafood.
    7. I want a new pair of skis for Christmas. I love the speed. Don’t like falling down but that’s another story.
    8. I love them both but right now I would say spinach. I need the iron.
    9. I would have to say science fiction.
    10. If I have the swimming pool to myself that would be my choice.
    11. Oh sweater for sure.
    12. Since I don’t know where Seychelles is I will pick St. Lucia. Help me out here would you!
    13. Silent Night
    14. I prefer synchronized swimming.
    15. How about a soup you can eat with a fork?

    Happy Birthday weekend!

  2. 1. Well, I’m usually already wearing socks…
    2. Saturday. There’s more weekend to look forward to on a Saturday.
    3. Sweden. I don’t know why.
    4. Sweet. I’d die before I lived without candy.
    5. Scuba, not that I’ve ever done anything with my certification.
    6. Steak. It’s magically delicious and I’m allergic to most forms of seafood anyway.
    7. I’m mildly more proficient with skis.
    8. Squish! I made butternut squash soup last night…
    9. SF all the way. My bookshelves will confirm this for me.
    10. Pool. There’s too much ick in the sea. Have you ever stepped on seaweed? GROSS.
    11. Sweater. I love sweaters.
    12. Seychelles. Giant tortisissies!
    13. Silver Bells, if I must.
    14. Sumo!
    15. Mmmm… You can’t make me choose. Sorry.

  3. 1. Slippers.
    2. Saturday. Definitely. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. Tomorrow I’ll be dreading having to go back.
    3. I’ve been to Spain, but not Sweden. So, there you go. I want to see a new place.
    4. Ugh. Salty. I’ve lost my love for sweets.
    5. I’ve never done either, but I think I would like scuba diving.
    6. If it spends the majority of it’s life span in water I do not eat it.
    7. Snowshoes, I suppose. I have never learned to ski.
    8. Spinach.
    9. Sit yourself down because I know this will shock you greatly, but I’m going with satire. Sci-Fi and I? Not so much.
    10. Swimming pool but only if it’s a salt-water. I don’t like the ones that make my hair all brass-ish. I’m too far from the ocean for it to be a regular thing for me.
    11. Sweater if I’m leaving the house or seeing people. By favorite Notre Dame sweatshirt that is a billion years old if I’m lounging around here all day. I love that sweatshirt.
    12. St. Lucia. Perhaps not the one you mean. I pulled this from the handy dandy internet for you:
    Lake St Lucia, in north-eastern KwaZulu Natal is the largest estuarine body of water in South Africa, and one of the most important wetlands in Africa. It forms a large part of the southern Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.

    The park stretches along the coast for over 80 kilometres from the Mfolozi swamps and Mapelane in the south to Sodwana Bay in the north.

    The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999, and for good reason. It’s starkly beautiful and an important ecosystem.

    Wouldn’t that be super cool to see?
    13. “Silver Bells”. Sigh. I love me some Holiday Inn.
    14. Sumo wrestling??? Did you somehow see my hair when I got up this morning? Since the new haircut I can’t really do a ponytail, but I will pull what I can back when I go to bed. This morning it was on the top of my head a la Sumo Wrestler.
    15. I almost said stew, but I realized that stew is best in cold and dreary weather (at least to me) and yet there is often a place in my week for a good soup. Plus there are so many good soups to be had. So, I’m going with soup.

  4. 1. Socks. My father was obsessive about slippers when I was growing up, so I have an aversion to slippers.
    2. Sunday. It’s quiet and calm and now that I am not working, I don’t spend the day dreading going back to work the next day.
    3. Sweden, I think. They have good chocolate.
    4. Sweet. Although I love the popcorn that is salty AND sweet.
    5. Surfing. I am afraid of fish.
    6. Steak. Seafood. Steak. Seafood. I cannot choose.
    7. Snowshoes. There’s too much potential for injury with the skiis. Unless it is cross country.
    8. Squash. I like spinach, but it doesn’t like me.
    9. Satire. I like the funny. I do like science fiction, though. Well, as long as it’s Doctor Who or Star Wars-type science fiction. Mass-consumption science fiction.
    10. Swimming pool. I am afraid of fish.
    11. Sweatshirt. Love the fleecy goodness.
    12. St. Lucia. I have been there and it is lovely.
    13. “Silver Bells”. Bing rules. And there’s too much screeching in “Silent Night” when most people sing it. “Sleeeeeeep in HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ven-ly *wait for it* peeeeeeeeeeeee-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECE!”
    14. Sumo wrestling! Totally! I LOVE the sumo. I am a Gaijin Sumo Nerd. I was totally addicted when I lived in Japan.
    15. Soup. All kinds. Soup is good.

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