I’m Sorry, Do You Have An Appointment?

We don’t do drop-ins here.

You know the thing: You’re watching TV/doing laundry/working on your computer and the doorbell rings. You don’t know of anyone who’d be coming by “at this hour”, so you don’t answer the door. Well, that is exactly how we are here.

The only people we know that would come to visit us would always CALL us first. Nobody we know just drops in. I mean, NEVER. And we would never just drop in on them.

You just… DON’T.

So when the doorbell rings, it is someone we don’t know, someone who has NOT called first and arranged to see us, or someone we don’t want to see.

There are exceptions, obviously. And that is when an education in ’60s television comes in handy. One must be able to peer through one’s drapes or blinds like Mrs. Kravitz to see who the heck would be just dropping in, in order to judge whether or not to answer the door. Mrs. Kravitz had neighbour-watching down to an art form.

And so, as I made the bed this morning, when a strange man appeared on our porch this morning and rang the bell, I took a page from Mrs. Kravitz’s book.

I peered through a crack in the curtains to see who it was.

I had no idea who it was. He was driving a car, parked on the street, that I did not recognize and he was wielding a vacuum or power washer or some other black-and-yellow appliance of some kind.

Of course, it’s hard to see WELL peering through the curtains. I wasn’t sure. So I ran over to the blinds and peered through them. Still didn’t recognize him.

And I was in my JAMMIES, so I wasn’t going to trot downstairs and open the door for just ANYONE. So, I watched him get in his car and drive away, and I went back to making the bed.


5 minutes later, the bell rang AGAIN.

I looked outside, and there was the same man, only this time he had pulled the car into the driveway. He had come back, specifically to our house.

So then I began to wonder. Should I recognize him? Are we expecting anyone to come by? Are we expecting any deliveries or service calls today?

Well, if we were, I certainly did not arrange them. So I got on the computer and messaged BDH.

Nope. Nothing.

So, the guy was just a persistent drop-in. Maybe he wrote down the wrong address and had an appointment at what he thought was our house. Maybe he thought our house looked particularly dirty and needed to be power-washed (in the snow) or vacuumed. Or maybe he was just coming to murder me since he knew I was in the house alone.

Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter. You don’t call first, we don’t answer the door.

We don’t do drop-ins.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Do You Have An Appointment?

  1. I peer too. but it’s always the FedEx guy, or the Purolator courier, or Canada Post delivering a motorcycle part. I’ve come to associate unexpected knocks on the door with border fees for $35 and up.

  2. *Note to self* Do not “surprise” Cinnamon on trip to CA. Call ahead or get stuck on the front steps possibly stuck with the *GASP* mayor talking to me.

  3. I also don’t do drop-ins. Then again, I also don’t answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number. Hell, I barely answer the phone or door for people I *do* know.

  4. I hate drop ins but since my front door doesn’t have curtains (too lazy), anyone can see in and see that I’m home. It’s actually kind of fun watching someone knock on my door and ring the bell while I’m ignoring them and they are franticly trying to get my attention. I just go about doing my thing in the TV room or kitchen and when they finally walk away, I can laugh out loud.

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