Day of Rest

Sunday’s a day of rest, right? Because I am pooped.

Yesterday BDH and I attended a course that we had booked a while ago, about taping and wrapping for athletic injuries. You know, when you turn your ankle or sprain something, and a coach/trainer/doctor-type person wraps it up in tape so it is fit to play again?

Yeah, that.

Since we’re both involved in sports, playing or coaching, and have been for years, we’ve both been taped to within an inch of our lives fairly often, and it’s a useful thing to know if you’re going to continue in sports. So we signed up for this course to learn how to do it properly. And it was really good. The woman who taught is a certified athletic trainer, and so she gave us all the information on how to protect injured appendages, how to take care of them, and how to wrap and tape properly.

I have to tell you: it’s one of those things that looks easy to do. And then you try to do it yourself, and realize how tough it is.

I’ve tried taping my own ankles many times, and I’ve taped up the girls we coach when they’ve needed it. But after yesterday, I realize what a hack job I had been doing. There’s a real skill and a science behind the way athletic injuries are taped, and it’s something that I’ve always been interested in. But wow, it’s more physical than I thought it would be and it certainly involves a whole lot more thought and precision than I would ever have imagined.

Also? I am really frigging slow and meticulous at it. I want my tape job to be PERFECT. And consequently, I was always the slowest one in the class. Oh well.

But we really enjoyed the information, and had a good day learning and practicing and taping up each other’s fingers and thumbs and ankles and shoulders and whatever else could get injured. I really, really enjoy the whole athletic-trainer thing, so I paid attention to everything and worked really hard to understand and do a good job at it. It was a full day, and now I am pooped.

Also? My fingers kind of hurt from tearing tape ALL. DAY. LONG. It is not easy. I am pretty good at it. But BDH had a roll of tape made of titanium or something, so he was really struggling and sore by the end of the day.

I know people say that “education is wasted on the young”. I know that when we get older, we appreciate learning more and we work harder to learn more when we have opportunities like this, and we enjoy the prospect of learning more. But I had forgotten just how taxing being in a classroom learning all day can be.

Yes, kids go to school for a full day, but they are younger and have more energy, both physically and in the brain box. Even when we were in university, we had more energy (even taking into account how drunk we were and how late we were out partying and dancing a lot of the time). Nowadays, I find that these intensive day-long courses make for very long days. I am tired at the end of it.

Today, I am going to do some cooking and cleaning and laundry and work around the house. You know, easy stuff. Stuff that won’t bend my brain so much.

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  1. You know, I have to say how impressed I am by the sheer number of activities you and BDH do together. It’s very sweet. And not at all batardy.

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