Friday Fun: Lesser of Two Evils

Well last week’s Friday Fun was fairly decadent and good… lots of talk of food, which I am sure got everyone hungry. Well, due to the cold and the snow and who knows what else, I am crabby. So today’s Friday Fun is all about things that are NOT good.

Now I know you are going to look at some of these and think, “They’re BOTH bad. I don’t want to choose EITHER.” Well, that is not the way it works here at the House of Peevish. Oh no. You MUST choose — if you had to pick one over the other, which one is the LEAST awful? (And if you are lucky, you actually like one or the other, so it’ll be easy!)

Hee hee! Good luck!

So choose:

  1. Spiders or earwigs?
  2. Liver or tripe (stomach)? (Both are *allegedly* food, in case you are wondering.)
  3. Going to the dentist or getting a gynecological exam?
  4. Scrubbing the floor or ironing?
  5. Snakes or mice?
  6. Cough syrup or nasal spray?
  7. Disco music or rap music?
  8. Stinky feet or bad breath?
  9. Skunk or porcupine?
  10. Wearing bright blue flowery underwear under white pants OR getting your skirt stuck in the back of your panty hose?

Well THIS ought to be fun. Remember, you MUST choose one or the other — no chickening out, now!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Lesser of Two Evils

  1. 1. Spiders.
    2. Liver with onions and bacon.mmmm
    3. Dentist.
    4. Ironing.
    5. Mice definitely, at least they have feet.
    6. Nasal spray.
    7. Disco (with the ball of course).
    8. EWwwwww, ummm, bad breath I guess.
    9. Porcupine.
    10. Flowery underwear under white pants, at least you are covered. I have done the skirt in the pantyhose thing and really don’t want to experience it again. Shudder!

  2. 1. Spiders. Have you not heard of Charlette’s Web?
    2. I can’t stand the smell of liver so I guess it would be tripe. I have never had it though. Yuck, what a choice.
    3. I would say the dentist.
    4. You are in a bad mood! I just bought one of those swifter mop things and I actually quite like it. I buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed so perhaps there is my answer.
    5. I would say mice although snakes don’t do as much damage to your yard or house but they can be fatal.
    6. Cough syrup.
    7. I grew up in a time where you were supposed to hate disco but I don’t really understand rap. I would say for the most part that disco is more empowering – I feel like dancing when I hear it. Didn’t Saturday Night Fever just celebrate a huge anniversary this week?
    8. On me or someone else? I would say stinky feet because bad breath could be a sign of a health problem.
    9. I knew someone who had a pet skunk and it was the cutest thing. My brother did get sprayed by one and it took a long time for the smell to go away. Taking porqupine quills out of a dog’s mouth is not fun. I had to do that for my dog Shoe. She was such a good dog. I think I will have to go with Skunk.
    10. I think just about every woman has had their pantyhose caught in their skirt. I agree with Sherri and will pick the pants. At least you are covered.

    Have a good day!

  3. 1. Spiders – but I am uncertain as to what an earwig is exactly, so it loses by default.
    2. Liver. Before heading to the bathroom and puking it up. I doubt it will be any more pleasant the second time around.
    3. Gynecological exam. These bother me WAY less than the dentist. How weird is that?
    4. Hmmm. Tough choice. I actually enjoy both of these, but since I MUST pick one I shall go with the floor. A nice sparkly floor makes one feel as if the whole house is nice.
    5. Snakes. Anytime. The mice? Not so much. Although, if I had mice around my house I’d be practically guaranteed snakes. Snakes go where there is food, you know.
    6. Cough syrup. We have lovely light and slightly citrusy flavored cough syrup from the doctor. I had nose stuff and you know it. *shudders*
    7. Disco music. Rap makes me feel slightly illiterate because I struggle to understand what many of the phrases mean – and those are the words I CAN understand.
    8. Stinky feet. I’m forever paranoid for some reason that I have bad breath. And when I’m done here I will most likely brush my teeth. Again.
    9. Skunk, but only because we don’t have porcupines around here, so they aren’t much of an option. I do have the process of removing skunk spray from my dog down to a science.
    10. What in the HELL goes through your head when you’re waking in the morning? Have you ever had those things happen to you? Just wondering is all. My answer would have to be the pants for I am opposed to pantyhose and own none. Also, the last time anyone attempted to put me in pantyhose and I tried some on it was a disaster. I’m so short that the waist part was under my boobs. I had Urkelhose. No kidding. I traded them out for a lovely set of stockings to go with the dress and never looked back.

  4. 1.I don’t mind spiders or earwigs but detest junebugs
    2 Never had tripe and am grossed out but liver. The last time I cooked it,20 plus years ago, it flopped around in t
    he frying pan like it was still alive. I don’t think so!
    3.Getting my hoohoo checked out is way better than going the dentist, thankyou very much!
    4.Hate both ironing and floor scrubbing but the rewards are more obvious with a shiny, clean floor.
    5.Don’t mind snakes as long as they are not thrown at me, I’ve wrapped a five foot python around my neck at the Halifax buskers festival, Mice are cute until you’ve retreived four dead ones from your parents’ basement. Yuck!!
    6.Cough sirop. Buckleys is putred but it works because you dare not cough and have to take a second dosage.
    7.Rap. Disco is so passe, I grew up with it.
    8.I’ll take stinky feet. Bad breath is so “in your face”.
    I brush a zillion times a day!
    9.Porcupine. We are infested with skunks here in Hantsport NS and there is really no good way to get rid of them.
    10.I hate pantyhose. I wore them for eight years when I worked at the bank and would rip them off as soon as I came in the door. Since I wear a lot of granny panties the flower thing wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. 1. Earwigs. They’re awful, disgusting, creepy things but at least I don’t have a genuine phobia of them.
    2. Liver, I guess? I might be able to convince my cats to eat the liver for me… the tripe I doubt I’d get such a good deal for.
    3. Ladybits exam, for sure.
    4. Ironing! It’s fun! There’s something wrong with me!
    5. Snakes, maybe a cute little garter snake or something.
    6. Nasal spray. Ain’t nothin’ wrong that.
    7. Disco. I like the nightlife, I like to boogie…
    8. That’s a bastard call to make. Feet? Shoes can be kept on, at least.
    9. I don’t have to sit on the porcupine, do I?
    10. The skirt thing. Wearing bright underwear with pants is stupidity, whereas the tucked-up skirt could be accidental.

  6. My turn…

    1. Spiders. I can deal with spiders, but earwigs are disgusting and evil and sent from hell itself.
    2. They’re both superlatively nasty, but if I had to choose I guess I’d go with liver because I could hide the taste a bit under bacon and onions.
    3. I’ve had enough people looking at my nether regions to last me a while, thankyouverymuch. I’ll take the dentist.
    4. I enjoy ironing! I find it relaxing.
    5. I really quite like them both, actually. But if I had to choose just one, I suppose I’d go with mice because they’re cute and furry.
    6. Definitely cough syrup. Snorting stuff up my nose just HURTS.
    7. Disco. Rap is just… wrong.
    8. I think I’d go with the stinky feet. I’m a good 5 feet away from feet most of the time. I can live with that.
    9. I have a soft spot for skunks. They’re just so cute from a reasonable distance.
    10. I oppose panty hose on principle. And as for the blue underwear, well, it would be better than going commando and wearing white pants.

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