The Snow Day and the Bad Wife

Yesterday afternoon, they forecast a storm would be coming through starting overnight, but there was no sign of it at bedtime last night.

Before going to bed, I told BDH I hoped it would be a snow day. I like snow days, because we can’t go anywhere, but also because BDH gets to stay home from work. I also asked if he needed me to pack a lunch. I’ve been sleeping poorly with my mask the last two nights, and so if he did not need a lunch, I might take the opportunity to sleep in. And he didn’t, so I shut my alarm off and went to bed.

We got freezing rain overnight, the start of what is supposed to be our first storm of the winter. I did sleep in, and around 8:15, I woke up and got out of bed. I had heard the “ping! ping!” of ice pellets hitting the windows during the night, and so I figured the storm had started. I got up and went to the window. The street was still, and many of the neighbours’ cars were still in their driveways. As was ours — covered in ice.

I went out into the hall and it was quiet. No noises from the bathroom. No sign BDH had showered. I checked upstairs to see if he was on his computer — nope. I put my ear to the door of the spare room and could hear him in there, sleeping.

I wake up first around here. Normally if it’s getting late and he’s still asleep, I’ll wake him up and check that he’s ok. But since the weather was bad, I figured a little sleeping in would be good for him.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and BDH’s stuff was all by the front door, and his iPod and blackberry and such were all on the island in the kitchen, ready to go. It looked like he had gotten up, checked the weather, found it not good, and had gone back to bed. I thought about checking on him, just to be sure, but I decided against it. Just let him rest, I thought. I was glad for him to get a little time to sleep in — he’s been tired lately. So I went about my morning routine.

At around 9, I heard noises upstairs. BDH came out and called to me, “What time is it?” I told him it was 9 o’clock.

Suddenly, there was a whole lot of frantic, all over the place.

Rush, rush rush! “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Rush, rush, rush!

Well, I explained about the snow day and his stuff being ready to go and how I thought he was home because of the bad weather.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, BDH’s digital alarm clock has stopped during the middle of the night — well, at 5:50 am, exactly, as a matter of fact. I went in and looked at it, and it was true. A DIGITAL clock. Stopped, frozen, on one time. Weird.

He had only gotten up because he looked at the time and thought, “It’s far too light outside to be 5:50 in the morning.”

He called the office and made his apologies, and told them he’d be in as soon as he could. And then he was rushing around again, getting ready.

I felt terrible. I apologized — a few times. I told him why I’d thought it was a snow day. I explained I was just trying to let him get a little sleep. And, in the end, I promised that if ever he was in danger of being late, I was to wake him up.

And, with a last reminder that snow days are only for children, he rushed out the door, alarm clock in hand.

Although, it did take him 20 minutes to clear the ice off the car. So I wasn’t completely wrong — the weather had been bad, and for a lot of people, it probably was a snow day.

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  1. Weasel is getting a snow day because I looked outside and realized I still haven’t bought her a new pair of winter boots. Today’s activity? Winter boot shopping!

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