A Gesture

Another Wednesday, another garbage day… I could mark time off in bags of garbage. Especially this week, with all the barfing and such. Or the fact that I feel like I haven’t had any sleep, because last night was my weekly deadline for an article that I write and so consequently I was researching all day yesterday and was up late writing. And then I dreamt about volleyball statistics all night long.

Time is passing and marked by things I must do. Such is the life built on a routine. The familiar rhythm of things that need to be done, everything in its time…

But then, every now and again my time gets sidetracked by things I don’t HAVE to do, but by things I WANT to do, and although it sends my schedule off on some temporal bobsleigh ride to hell, I don’t mind so much.

It never hurts to be kind to people. The smallest gesture, a bit of recognition, and it makes someone’s day that much better. What’s that great line from Sports Night? “So you say a few words. You make a gesture. You remember an important date. A small price to pay for what you get in return. For what you get in return, it’s a steal.” And it’s true. Days are just so much better when you can do something nice for someone.

So, at BDH’s office, one of his managers was looking at the calendar and noticed that Christmas Eve this year falls on a Monday. So, that would mean going in for a half-day or maybe a little more on a Monday, just to have 2 days off again after that. So this manager decided to give everyone in the office Christmas Eve Day off. Completely free. They’ll just shut the office down and give everyone an extended holiday.

Well I can tell you, BDH was ecstatic, since he is on call over the holidays. We have to stay home this Christmas, but at least now he gets almost a week off. It’s great. So he emailed me the good news.

I replied, “You tell him I am sending him in a pumpkin bread just for that.” And he did. BDH went over and thanked his manager, and told him I was sending him in some treats to thank him for his generosity.

Well, as it turns out, out of all the people in the office, BDH was the ONLY ONE to thank this manager for this very kind gesture. I mean, I know in this day and age, these things are often expected of management, and taken for granted. But it’s something they didn’t have to do, and in a small office, to shut down for a day and still pay the employees, it’s a fair chunk of change to do something like that. And he said the man was quite chuffed at the prospect that I would be making him some treats to say thanks. He’s a really good guy, from what I know of him. It makes me wonder just how thankless his job might be.

So I put aside some of my work yesterday to take time to bake him some pumpkin bread. It set me back a couple of hours, what with the making and the baking and the cleanup and wrapping it up, which meant I was up til midnight finishing my article, and some laundry didn’t get done. But I think it’s worth it.

I hope he enjoys it. It isn’t much, but it’s a little special something to say how much we appreciate the kindness he’s given to us and everyone at the office. And I am glad we said thank you. And so even though I am tired and behind in my routine, I am pretty pleased, all things considered.

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  1. We sometimes forget to say thank you in this day and age. I am glad that you and BDH are the special kind of people that take the time to say something/someone is appreciated. You probably have really made this man feel appreciated…a very special skill in this day and age. Good for you.

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