Paper Towels Are Your Friend

Today, so far, has NOT been my Best Day Ever in Kittyville.

*****WARNING: Much talk about BARF ahead! Not for the faint of stomach!*****

I was doing laundry, and came downstairs to find a Cat Alarm going off. That’s the good thing about multiple cats: when one cat gets into trouble or does something unusual, there’s always another cat sniffing around the mess to “tattle”.

So, yes. There was Duncan, sniffing around a small toonie-sized spot on the tile.

Opus had barfed.

Okay, well, it happens. So I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned it up, and then I checked on her to see that she was ok. She was upstairs sitting on the stairs looking a might peevish and forlorn, but she was fine. I went in to make a bed and she jumped up on the bed, and I noticed she had some barf on her face. So I cleaned her face and she went about her business and I went about mine.

I came back downstairs into the kitchen, and happened to glance over at the living room. And I saw some barf on the carpet. GREAT. Well, I thought, at least it’s only a small barf.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I looked a little to the left, and saw it. Opus had gone into their little nylon kitty tent and BARFED ALL OVER THE TENT. And not just the tent, mind you — oh no. We use the tent like a toybox for the cats, and so she had also barfed on a bunch of the toys.


A whole lot of kitty barf inside a confined and covered space. EXCELLENT. And who, do you think, has the job of cleaning that up?

Yes. You guessed it. The one with the opposable thumbs.

So, I grabbed some paper towels and began mopping. And mopping. And mopping. It was HUGE. It was an Exorcist barf. And, thanks to the modern miracle of nylon, it stayed FRESH! And ICKY! (And, on a more serious note, thanks to the modern miracle of nylon, it stayed put and did not soak in and ruin the tent or the carpet beneath it.)

I salvaged what toys I could from the mess, and pitched the ones that were beyond salvaging. Goodbye, Mr. Moving Mouse! Goodbye, Mr. Jute Ball That Makes All The Exciting Noises! Goodbye, Mr. Fuzzy Ball That Is Unpredictable And Fun To Chase!

I got more paper towels, and I kept mopping. The stink, I am sure, rose to high heaven. However, I am blessed with never-ending allergies, and there are days when having a perpetually stuffy nose is a boon. And this is one of them.

More paper towels. Some soap and water. More mopping. More soap and water.

Thank doG for nylon. And thanks, too, for plastic toys.

Once I got everything cleaned up, there was much inspection and consternation among the residents of Kittyville. Duncan was sitting forlornly outside the tent, wondering what had happened to his toys and his tent, and why his toys were all in a pile outside the tent and he could not go in it. Lucy was standing at the door of the tent, looking inside, and then looking at me with That Look that only Lucy can give, one of shock and concern, eyes wide and head tilted quizzically to the side. Into the tent. At me. Into the tent. At me.

And Opus.

Opus wanted desperately to be picked up and to sit on my lap and be cuddled. Her tummy was upset and she had barfed and she was upset. And now she just wanted me to make it better.

So I picked her up and sat down on the chair and tried to figure out what happened. My best guess is that she woke up hungry and had eaten way too much, and it came back at her. (She does that.) So at the first sign of barf, she panicked and tried to run away. Over to hide under the footstool in the living room. BARF. Run away and hide in the tent. BARF. Run away from that and hide over by the stairs. BARF.

The old “something is wrong and so I must run away from it” cat routine. I know it well.

Well, as I said to BDH in chat, I am sure this will not be the last time I clean barf off toys and bedding and other stuff. This cat stuff is good training for being a mom. Opus and the others are preparing me for baby. Peeing, pooping, barfing, crying, cuddling… It’s like having one of those Rent-a-Baby dolls that you practice parenting on, only with fur. And slightly longer nails.

Oh well. Barf happens. And so I cuddled Opus. And I noticed, she had barf on her tail.

Sigh. That’ll have to be cleaned.

Good thing I bought all those packs of paper towels for the Air Miles a few weeks ago.

Edited to add: AGAIN. The barfing. This afternoon. More paper towels. This morning I could laugh about it, but now, I am kind of worried that the girl is actually sick. Poor old thing.

Uh-oh, make that THREE times. There she goes again. 

3 thoughts on “Paper Towels Are Your Friend

  1. Oh poor baby, that is so gross and I understand totally the upset tummy. Hope you are feeling better Opus. Maddie sends much kitty cuddles and would love to just cuddle with you and, believe me, you would soon tire of being cuddled and lugged around by your tail, although Oreo seems to love it. To see those two in action is a thing of comedy. Some days Oreo looks like a black furry motor boat and Maddie is hanging on to his tail and looks like she is waterskiing across the floor. Sigh, what you cats put up with from the babies is just amazing. Much love and cuddles from NS.

  2. Ahhh, I remember these days all too well!
    Please tell me which cat is Lucy. I had an orange cat (she’s in kitty heaven now) that looks EXACTLY like your orange one….mine was named Lucy. The first time I saw a pic of your orange kitty I almost started crying.

  3. Oh no, don’t cry! The orange one is named Cinnamon. Lucy is the lavender and silver oriental — the one with the big bat ears.

    Cinnamon’s fur when she was little wasn’t quite orange… more like she had been dusted with, well, cinnamon. But now that she’s an older girlie, she’s QUITE orange.

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