Friday Fun: Hungry!

This time of year is a decadent one. My Christmas edition of Canadian Living arrives, chock full of delicious recipes for the holidays and pages and pages of cookie recipes. Thanksgiving has passed, Halloween has just passed, and in the US they have their Thanksgiving in November. The weather gets cooler, and meals become more hearty: casseroles, stews, winter veggies. Soon I must start my holiday baking.

I woke up hungry this morning, so today I am making the Friday Fun all about food.


  1. Gingerbread or shortbread?
  2. Carrots or cauliflower?
  3. Cream or milk in your coffee?
  4. Bacon or sausage?
  5. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  6. English muffins, bagels, or good old toast?
  7. Tomato sauce on your pasta or cream sauce?
  8. Roasted, grilled or fried chicken?
  9. Peanut butter or Cheez Whiz?
  10. Orange juice, apple juice, or something a little different?
  11. Peppermint or butterscotch?
  12. Fruitcake or no fruitcake? (well, for most people, it’s a yes or no question, really)

See what happens when I read my Christmas Canadian Living before bed?

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hungry!

  1. 1. Shortbread, baby! Grammy MacDonald’s recipe, although I found a new butterscotch shortbread in the Harrowsmith mag I would like to try.
    2. Cauliflower.
    3. Cream and international coffee hazelnut no fat.
    4. Bacon, nice and crispy.
    5. Milk chocolate.
    6. English Muffin (lots of nooks and crannies to grab toppings.
    7. Tomato, homemade with meat, veggies and real tomatoes.
    8. Grilled chicken, yummy, Kevin does an awesome beer can chicken that rocks.
    9. Cheese whiz.
    10. Five alive (sometimes with a bit of cocoanut rum in it)
    11. Butterscotch.
    12. Yes, the light fruitcake recipe from family in Newfoundland takes the cake! LOL.

  2. 1. Shortbread of course!
    2. Carrots
    3. I know I shouldn’t but I love cream in my coffee.
    4. Bacon
    5. It has to be good dark chocolate otherwise milk chocolate is fine.
    6. If it is fresh bread then give me toast with homemade jam. English muffins with blueberry jam, and then bagel with cream cheese.
    7. Fresh tomato sauce.
    8. It depends! I guess I would have to say that my favourite is roasted chicken.
    9. Not a big fan of either but on toast it would be PB & J. On celery, cheez whiz
    10. I like grapefruit juice.
    11. Butterscotch all the way!
    12. YUCK! Can’t stand fruitcake.

  3. Oh Caroline, you haven’t had my fruitcake! Trust me — the liqueur cancels out the fruitcake nicely.

    Also the light fruitcake Sherri’s talking about it pretty divine too.

    We could turn you into a fruitcake lover yet!

  4. 1. I’m going to go with shortbread.
    2. Tough call. I have a fabulous cold carrot salad recipe but I do love a good cauliflower gratin.
    3. Back when I did drink coffee I went for a lovely flavored creamer.
    4. Oh c’mon! That one isn’t fair. Bacon is fabulous. But remember – year of the sausage?
    5. It’s almost time for my famous dark chocolate cheesecake.
    6. Toast.
    7. Cream sauce.
    8. Grilled.
    9. Peanut butter.
    10. Cranberry juice.
    11. Peppermint.
    12. I prefer to refrain from the fruitcake. I’m fruity enough.

  5. Okay, since BDH and Bubby have both gone to bed early, and I am alone here with my cup o’ tea, I can add my answers now too! Huzzah!

    1. Gingerbread. But only because I make the very best gingerbread in the universe.
    2. I am loving the carrots recently. But only cooked. Raw carrots still give me gut rot.
    3. I must admit, I love cream.
    4. DUDE. Bacon me, man. Really thick and crisp and cooked in the oven like Alton brown says.
    5. Dark chocolate, definitely. I get that from my mum.
    6. Toast, preferably rye toast, with butter.
    7. I like tomato sauces. A nice plain tomato and basil sauce is beautiful in its simplicity. Le sigh.
    8. I think: roasted.
    9. Definitely peanut butter. Cheez whiz is like, cheese-flavoured LARD, man. But The Bubby loves her some good Cheez Whiz.
    10. Fruit smoothies. I am currently enamored of a veggie/fruit combo that is tasty and healthy, although very GREEN.
    11. THAT? Is a tough call. I will go with butterscotsh. Although I love those very strong, cold, crystal-clear mints…
    12. I don’t much care for fruitcake, unless it’s my own or the one Mom has whenever we go home for Xmas… or perhaps it just goes down well with the copious adult beverages I also have whenever we go home…

  6. 1. Gingerbread is nice, but butter is practically its own food group, so shortbread has the edge.
    2. Carrots. I have An Issue with the texture of cauliflower.
    3. On the rare occasions I drink a cup of coffee I take it black. Milk in my tea, though.
    4. No contest — bacon is the shizzle. I would eat a tree stump if it were covered in bacon. Sausage is nice, but bacon? Bacon pwns.
    5. Dark, although I’ll eat just about any kind of chocolate.
    6. Crumpets aren’t an option, then? Uh, toast, then bagel. English muffins only exist to hold the insides of a McMuffin in place.
    7. I’m more of a tomato girl, although chicken and bacon do better in a cream sauce if I’m adding meat to my pasta.
    8. Chicken is divine in all its forms. If a gun were held to my head, however, I’d say roasted.
    9. Peanut butter. The trans-fatty stuff, too. The all-natural, peanut-only stuff just doesn’t cut it.
    10. Pineapple juice. Mmmm.
    11. Tough choice — Peppermint, I guess.
    12. No fruitcake. Ever. GROSS. A friend of my dad’s used to be a monk and his monastery made fruitcake and it was always in our house and it was so bad…

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