The Mid-November Blahs

It’s another cold, rainy November day, one of those days where you just want to hibernate. Stay in bed, pull the covers over your head, and snooze the day away.

Except… it is also GARBAGE day. So, we must get up, get moving, and be productive.

Yesterday (or was it Monday??) was a rare, perfect day for November: bright sunshine, clear skies, and warm weather. Sadly, it only lasted a day. I think I’d like November more if we had more of those days, but we don’t. Here in the centre of farm country, we get rain, and lots of it, which I am sure is good for the farmers and wonderful for the water table after a blistering summer, but not so good for The Me.

It’s a good day for some things, though. I sent BDH off to work with stew for lunch, with biscuits right out of the oven this morning. It’s a good day for comfort food. And it’s always a good day for baking, but even moreso today, when it will take the chill off the house and make it smell nice. It might also be a good time to start tunnelling into the nursery room, and clearing out the clutter a bit.

Monday through Wednesday are my heaviest writing days, with a few very detailed and heavily-researched articles to get done. So it will also be a nice day to get away from this infernal machine… well, except for the music. I have my music on this thing, so it still follows me around if I want to listen to songs while I work.

I want something really GOOD to happen in November. Something that will make it a month of excitement and celebration. Because with the rain and everything, it’s so hard to get up and motivated and excited about stuff. (I was hoping we’d get our referral or maybe Mystery Baby would be born in November but HA! Not flipping likely.)

Oh well. So here I sit watching the drizzle. At least it is not snow.