Friday Fun: Winter Warm-up

We got our first snow of the winter this week. You know the kind: really fine, wet snow, that doesn’t stay but leaves everything wet. And it’s damp and you get chilled by the damp. So today’s Friday Fun is all about the white stuff, and staying warm when it starts to fall.

So which do you prefer:

  1. Hot chocolate or hot toddy?
  2. Snowballs or snowmen?
  3. Rain or snow?
  4. Tuna casserole or mac and cheese?
  5. Hat or earmuffs?
  6. Shovelling snow or chopping wood?
  7. Gloves or mittens?
  8. Hot biscuits or fresh bread?
  9. Fleece or down?
  10. Bubble bath or jacuzzi?

BRRR. I’m off to get something toasty warm on.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Winter Warm-up

  1. 1. Hot chocolate with a bit of Frangelico and whipped cream!
    2. I am going to see if I can recreate some of “Calvin and Hobbes” snowmen. I miss them!
    3. It has been raining her for 2 days – SNOW!
    4. I actually like both of them but I would have to say mac and cheese.
    5. Depends on what I’m doing and what my hair looks like. If you want to stay warm it has to be a hat. You lose so much heat through your head.
    6. Well I have never chopped wood so I am not sure if I would enjoy that or not. I like to shovel snow but only if I can have a cup of hot chocolate after. If I have to rush to go to work then I don’t enjoy it. But to chop wood so that I would have a nice warm fire – I like the sound of that!
    7. Mittens for sure. Gloves don’t keep my fingers warm enough.
    8. Fresh bread – are you making some today?
    9. Down.
    10. I would love to have a jacuzzi bath but it has to be a big one and there has to be windows all around it so that I can look outside, otherwise a bubble bath is just fine.

  2. Sorry, no bread today! I know Friday is my normal bread-making-day, but I am going to get a haircut and colour today, so no time! But, now you’ve put me in mind of making some bread… or maybe some rolls and a big casserole full of stew… yummm…..

  3. 1. Hot chocolate.
    2. Snowmen.
    3. Snow.
    4. Tuna casserole.
    5. Earmuffs.
    6. Shovelling snow.
    7. Gloves.
    8. Fresh bread.
    9. Fleece.
    10. Jaccuzzi baby (hot tub in the winter rocks too, thanks Tena).

  4. 1. Have you ever tasted a hot toddy? It’s like hot, buttered ass. GROSS. Hot chocolate all the way for me. And if by chance into each cup a little Bailey’s must fall, so much the better.
    2. Snowballs. I’m all about instant gratification.
    3. Rain. Snow is EVIL.
    4. Mac and cheese. PC White Cheddar mac and cheese… mmmm.
    5. Hat. Earmuffs never seem to fit properly.
    6. I’m not trusting myself with an axe. Shovelling it is.
    7. Gloves. I’m still rebelling against all the childhood years my mom made me wear mitts because “they keep your hands warmer”.
    8. That’s like making me choose between my children.
    9. Down. Snuggly warm goodness.
    10. Bubble bath. Jacuzzis always feel like they’re bruising me.

  5. Okay, my turn:
    1. Hot chocolate. Although I have heard that hot buttered rum is lovely… I prefer the chocolatey goodness. Maybe with some amaretto or something lovely like that in it.
    2. Snowmen. A la Calvin and Hobbes. Like Caroline said!
    3. Rain. I like rainy days, and I hate snow.
    4. Tuna casserole. Which is funny, because I hated it growing up. Probably because we ate it so often. But now I have a wonderful recipe that I use all the time.
    5. If it’s for keeping warm, then I go with earmuffs. I hate having hat head. Unless it is a baseball cap or a great black felt hat, of which I have several. I loves me some dressy hats. Then I am all about the hats, baby.
    6. Hmmm. I think shovelling snow would be safer, although it’s bad for my back.
    7. I wear gloves, but I have to agree with Anna’s mom, mittens keep your hands warmer.
    8. I love fresh bread. Of all shapes and sizes and colours.
    9. Fleece. I have grown up wearing fleece, I have a fleece jacket, I snuggle under fleece blankets. Down is too warm for me.
    10. Bubble bath. In a long, deep clawfoot tub. *sigh* I miss my first apartment for that.

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