The Sacrifices We Make

Well, as you all know, the referral for Mystery Baby could come at any time! (Who are we kidding? It will be weeks yet.) And so, we have got to get off our butts and get ready.

It’s been hard to get motivated, after all this time and waiting. I know we’ll have a baby here some day, and yet… it just feels like we will always be waiting. What’s the rush, right?

Well, when that referral comes, we have to be ready for our last home inspection. So today, I am committing to getting it done. Oh yes. It will take time and effort, but those are the sacrifices we make. And so… I AM GOING TO IKEA.

Yes, I know, you are saying to yourself, “Self? THAT? Is a very selfless mom-to-be. Taking time out of her busy day to GO TO IKEA. And BUY STUFF.”

Well, it is true. But, would any of you not sacrifice yourselves that much? I ask you.

Yes, my dear and very pregnant friend Heather are heading out to Ikea. I need a few things for the baby’s room, most notably curtains. Which we already have.

I see the question mark in the thought bubble above your head. Let me explain.

Our attic/living room has a bank of windows that are lovely to have to look out over the conservation area. But also? They let in a lot of LIGHT. And, as you well know, when BDH is Defending the Universe from the Forces of Evil, via the Playstation, the screen is obliterated by daylight. Which makes The Defense of the Universe quite a challenge, as you can well imagine. And the pretty white curtains currently installed there, while attractive, don’t block out enough light. So, I will get some darker, heavier curtains for the attic, and move the pretty white curtains currently up there into the baby’s room.

See? If you wait long enough, it all makes sense.

And so, under the expert guidance of Mystery Baby’s Auntie Heather (who is, in fact, Swedish by background, so she KNOWS from The Ikea) we will choose some new curtains.

And probably many other little thingamajiggies and doodads. Because they are cheap. And because, well, that’s what you DO at Ikea.

And also eat meatballs.

It’s a sacrifice. I know. But I do it willingly.

2 thoughts on “The Sacrifices We Make

  1. Have you decided on the wall color for babys’ room? What about a theme? Is Mr. Pooh being invited into babys’ room? I am getting very excited here!

  2. Well, OF COURSE in our house, Pooh is God. (Well, at the very least, a minor deity.) So we will have Pooh-ness in abundance. But as for a theme for the nursery yet… I have no idea. I picked up the most magical things at Ikea the other day, and there’s some great bedding there too, and also at the store downtown where we bought our baby furniture, so…

    I have no idea.

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