No, I say to you. No, no, no.

I am in denial. I am in ignoring-reality, blankets-pulled-up-over-my-head, stomping-my-foot denial.

They’re calling for FLURRIES this week.


I know, right? FLURRIES. I mean, come ON.

Now, I am no fan of winter. I hate cold and snow. I took up reading and later, indoor sports, to avoid being told to “go outside and play” between the months of November and March.

I will, occasionally, confess to gazing outside at the falling snow and think, “How pretty”. But that is from the comfort of my well-heated house and usually involves me with a mug of something warm in my hands and a blanket and several cats within snuggling distance.

But people, it’s November! It’s too EARLY! I am not READY for snow yet.

Not even in little blowy flurry amounts.

It’s wrong.

I will also confess that whenever people talk about “global warming”, I may nod and look like I am paying attention, but actually? I am wondering whether this might mean we get to bypass some of the white stuff from now on.

I am secretly looking over at global warming with a little flirty glance. Does that make me a bad person? Probably.

Yes, I KNOW there are good things about winter. I KNOW it means I can pull out all my warm comfy-comfies. I can get out the sweaters with the reindeer and the cheerful-looking winter motifs embroidered on them. I have an excuse to cuddle with the cats and BDH. I have an excuse to sit and knit.

And it’s not the cold. I don’t mind the cold.

It’s the damn snow. And — wait for it — the frigging freezing rain. Oh doG, how I loathe the freezing rain.


I need to go bake something now. Do some self-pity-baking. Grumble and moan about the oncoming winter as I whip up some tasty baked goods.

BAH. Winter.

I am just going to forget about it, and maybe it will go away.

4 thoughts on “Denial

  1. BAH! I don’t have my login info on this laptop.

    But, may I suggest a lovely pumpkin bread? Yummy and also makes the house smell wonderful.

  2. Ok, dude – global warming is a misnomer – it’s really better described as climate change.

    Which means – more eratic weather.

    Are your flurries attributable to climate change? – who knows. Probably noone.

    BUT, your overall weather experience in the last and coming year absolutely is affected by it.

    SOOOO…. no flirting! or batting eye lashes!!!! climate change is the enemy!


  3. Oh, come on Nicky, please… not even a LITTLE flirting? Not even casting a teeny-tiny come-hither look over in that direction, maybe just to get a LEETLE BEEEET of warmer weather?

    Damn. Dude, I don’t know if I have that kind of willpower.

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