Friday Fun: Dreams and Imagination

I think that after the week of children dreaming of dressing up in costumes and candy everywhere… a whimsical, lighthearted Friday Fun would be a good way toward off the November blahs! So here it is…

  1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. What’s something you wish you could be better at?
  3. Where would you build your vacation home (money being no object, of course!)
  4. What’s one hobby you’d love to take up, no matter how silly or surprising?
  5. What three things would you put in a safe deposit box/hope chest to give to your children or grandchildren?
  6. Who would you like to be, whose life would you like to live, just for one day?
  7. What’s something you could do as a child that you wish you could still do?
  8. Given $10,000, what would you change in your house?
  9. What’s something you wish you could cook really well?
  10. What theme should we use to decorate Mystery Baby’s room?

Happy daydreams, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dreams and Imagination

  1. 1. Just about everything at one point or another. Ballerina, professional basketball player, vet, teacher, Prime Minister..
    2. Keeping the house clean.
    3. Somewhere in the Gulf Islands. Saturna Island, perhaps.
    4. I want to learn how to play the harp.
    5. Nothing, really. If they want it they’re welcome to it, but I don’t want to pass things on. Passing stuff on has lead to my mom’s family being unable to get rid of anything because it belonged to great-great-great So-and-so.
    6. Weasel’s. I want to see what her world is really like.
    7. Have the time to read all day.
    8. New carpet in the family room and new cupboards and counter in the kitchen. Oh, and a new washer and dryer.
    9. Omelettes. I just can’t get the hang of them.
    10. Outer space, dude.

  2. 1. A figure skater or gymnast.
    2. Keeping house and decorating it nicely, I have no style or time to keep it as clean as I would like.
    3. By the ocean, preferably by a white sand beach, maybe the South Shore of Nova Scotia or Bora Bora maybe.
    4. Rug hooking.
    5. Family pictures, wedding band and engagement ring, letters to each of them written when they were babies telling them my feelings when they were born.
    6. Since I have no wish to borrow problems I know nothing about, I will stick with my own life. At least I am dealing with that day by day. Other people’s lives always look better but their problems can be well hidden and tougher than I have to deal with every day. Thankyouverymuch.
    7. Figure skate.
    8. As much as I need a new kitchen and additional half bath, I would have to go with a new well and septic. If that would even come close to covering it…the well maybe.
    9. Something I have no idea how to cook – some other kind of really yummy healthy ethnic type of food. I am bored with my own cooking and would love to take cooking lessons.
    10. Zoo animals maybe, I do seem to remember someone loves giraffes.

  3. 1. I wanted to be a singer, actress or figure skater.
    2. I really wish that I could sing!
    3. Do I only get to one vacation home? I really love the beach so I would have to say Sauble Beach. But if money was not a problem then I would probably have a vacation home in France.
    4. Woodworking. I think that it would be a great hobby. I just need all the tools and a place to work.
    5. Well that doesn’t really apply to me but I do have a hope chest that my mom gave me and it is filled with sweaters right now.
    6. Is it really Freaky Friday? I think that I would love to be Tracy Chapman.
    7. I wish that I could just get up and run. For me to run now I will have to start slowly – getting old is a pain in the butt!
    8. I would like to redo my bathroom.
    9. I suck at making a pot roast. What is the secret?
    10. We actually have a room that has Goofy painted on the wall. I have never had the desire to paint over it in 13 years even though we don’t have children. I would probably decorate it in a beach house theme. It would be very soothing for me. Whatever you do make sure that you have a place for you in the room. You have to be comfortable as well. At least that is what Sarah Richardson says. Just take a picture of the room when it’s done so we can all see it.

  4. My turn!

    1. The first thing I remember wanting to be was a dancer. The I went through a phase of mostly athletes — football player, volleyball player — that kind of thing. It never occurred to me that I actually had to choose something that made MONEY until I got to High school.
    2. I’d love to be able to sing well. Also, keeping my house clean would be a good one too.
    3. The west of Ireland. Or a wonderful flat in London, Or maybe a house in Barbados. Ooh, it’s hard to choose.
    4. I think it would be dancing of some kind. Maybe. Pottery would be good too.
    5. Our wedding photos, pictures of my mom, and some of my journals (which would be very embarrassing.)
    6. I’d like to be Christianne Amanpour.
    7. I miss being able to jump really high, and all the things that come with that — aerial cartwheels, back flips, and hitting in volleyball.
    8. I’d rip up all the carpet and tile and put in hardwood, and maybe some in-floor heating. And/or finish the basement.
    9. I’d love to be one of those people who instinctively knows what flavours go together and can pull out a few herbs and spices and items from the fridge or cupboard and VOILA — a lovely gourmet meal. That, and sauces would not go amiss.
    10. I have no idea. I am looking for inspiration.

  5. Anna — the trick is to keep the eggs on low heat, because if they’re too hot they get too hard and then they crack when you fold them. Also leave them a little soft on top before you fold them so they don’t break. And then take them off the heat and put a lid on them to finish cooking.

  6. Oh, omlet inspiration for when we lose our power today and tomorrow. Remnants of hurricaine Noel is just starting here and it is looking like a bad one. Right up the Bay of Fundy and our front door. Wish us luck. Hopefully we won’t blow all way to Ontario (not that there is anything wrong with Ontario mind you). Mom and Dad missed it althogether as far as I know. It scooted past Florida as they were scooting to Florida.

  7. Oh my — well here’s hoping you guys are all tucked up safe and sound for the duration of the storm. And here’s hoping the damage in the area is minimal — some of those hurricanes have been vicious.

    Oooh, now there is a daydream for me… a nice mushroom and cheese omelette while riding out a storm (not a hurricane, mind you). Sounds like a great weekend to me!

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