OW. I have a headache. I think I have a post-Halloween hangover.

I didn’t drink anything last night, though… unless the alcohol content of 7UP has suddenly skyrocketed.

Is it possible to have a post-sugar-rush hangover? I did overindulge a wee bit in mini candy bars. But, how does one resist the call of the mini Caramilk bar? Hmmm? You tell me.

There was also that 11 pm soccer game of BDH’s, which I went along to not only to see him play, but also to make sure he was not driving home alone, after midnight, in the rain, when he is tired. And it was a very good game — they won 5-0.

So I didn’t really get to bed until about 1 am. And then there was a good deal of fussing by Miss Cinnamon, who thought she wanted to come in and sleep with me, but then when she saw my mask and machine, thought better of it.

So, 1:30 or so I settled in to sleep. And that means I fell asleep sometime before 2 am. A bit of a late night, then, fuelled by Halloween excitement and buckets o’ sugar.

And, apart from waking up this morning feeling as though I have been smacked in the face by a tired stick, I have a headache.

Or, perhaps I have a headache BECAUSE I was smacked in the head with a tired stick.

I feel distinctly hangover-y.

I am not as young as I used to be.

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  1. lol

    Jrock went to an 11pm hockey game halloween night as well. But I wasn’t as supportive as you. I just went to bed and told him to make sure he showered after and not to wake me up when he came home.

    That’s me… loving hockey fan. :-S


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