Halloween: Live Blogging from Here

I’m live blogging Halloween LIVE from right here in my kitchen, as it happens! You will be able to experience Halloween here in our little corner of the world, as it happens! LIVE! All the thrills! All the spills! All the excitement! As it happens!

Mostly this is because I have to sit down here and wait for the little monkeys to come scavenging for candy. So you get to sit here with me and my bitterness too.

4:45 pm — Supper will be whenever it’s ready because, well, I forgot to get some things, so BDH has to stop at the store on the way home. BAH.

5:10 pm — Last check to make sure the pumpkins on the porch are still upright. I bought plastic pumpkins this year, and while lovely and economical, they are also very LIGHT. And with a strong wind tonight, I fear they may go rolling off across the porch.

5:24 pm — No kids yet, but it’s getting darker. Rain’s coming, so I bet we see little ones soon. Best go turn on the pumpkins.

5:28 pm — Bubby’s all wigging out and running around like a little nutter. She loves Halloween. She used to sit and wait for all the kids and run to the door each time the doorbell rang. But now that her hearing is going, I wonder if she’ll even notice. No doubt Cinnamon will go into hiding at the first ring.

5:31 pm — I keep peering through the window at the Mayor’s place. It’s all done up with dead people in the garden and a ghost on the porch and a car accident, complete with guy under the tires and traffic cones, in his driveway. He may be annoying as hell, but he loves to decorate for Halloween and goes all out. And it looks great, I’ll give him that.

5:35 pm — Captain Motorcycle across the street has finally, FINALLY got it into his head that the giant trench he’s gouged in his front lawn up to his porch where his brickwork will one day go is actually a GIANT SAFETY HAZARD, especially with little ones coming around with their parents in the dark. So he’s clued in that maybe it’s a good idea to mark it all off with yellow safety tape. Good thinking, Mr. Einstein.

5:40 pm — Still no sign of BDH. Betcha he picks up more candy at the store. I bought enough candy for EXACTLY 125 kids — no more, no less. I only like the little ones anyway, so I have no problems shutting off the lights and closing up shop when the time comes: when we run out of candy or when the older brats come, whatever comes first. But BDH is generous.

5:44 pm — Why are the noisy dirty children from 2 doors down outside playing in the front lawn? Where are their shiftless parents? Why are they not getting costumes on and supper in their bellies to get ready for trick-or-treating?

5:50 pm — Still no sign of kids, but BDH is home. Philosophical discussion: Porch light on, with safety in mind, but making it pointless to have lights on in the pumpkins? Or porch light off, screw safety, and make the pumpkins look good? A tough call, that. Discuss.

5:54 pm — Opus is NOT being very patient. She sits in the foyer and shouts. She wants the kids to come NOW, dammit.

6:02 pm — Still no kids. Maybe we’ll get some dinner after all.

6:05 pm — Aha! Clued in. BDH reminded me that there has not been a time change yet, so it’s still light. In previous years, it would be dark by 5:30 and you’d see the little tiny kids around that time. But this year, it’s still not dark yet.

6:11 pm — The porch light discussion wears on.

(Betcha didn’t know that Halloween could be THIS. MUCH. FUN. now, did you??)

6:16 pm — BDH puts on a movie. Hot Fuzz. When the movie is over, so is the trick or treating, man.

6:21 pm — First kids! 2 ninjas, a scary monster-type guy, and a fellow insisting he’s NOT a business man. But he’s wearing a tie… Oh jeez, maybe he’s a kid from Harry Potter.

6:29 pm — DING DONG! Scary ghoul-type kid with flashing wand. What the hell are these kids watching that they get these ideas?

6:34 pm — YAY! Little ones! A Spider Man and a skunk and a bumble bee…

6:37 pm — DUDE. That guy had to be 6’3″. Probably in his late teens. But, with his mom taking him around, I think he’s probably a little slow. So, let him enjoy the night, too.

6:41 pm — The CUTEST little dragon in existence just came to my door.

6:45 pm — Every time I open the door, there’s nobody there. That’s because they shift about 2 feet to the left to look at Duncan, who is sitting in the front window. He’s like our little Halloween WalMart greeter.

6:50 pm — Just got a visit from two university girls from www.TrickorEat.ca — a bunch of university kids out collecting for food banks across Canada. What a great idea! Go to the website and check it out.

6:54 pm — Too many little girls watch High School Musical. Just sayin’.

6:58 pm — A very tiny lion just walked right into my foyer. No doorbell ring, nothing. Just turned the knob and walked in. Hee!

6:59 pm — A sumo wrestler and a fat Elvis. It’s like my best Halloween ever!

7:04 pm — Mental whiplash. A tiny unicorn just came to the door with a skeleton. A little pink princess came to the door with some Insane Clown Posse kinda guy. I confuse.

7:05 pm — I love it when the little ones just come and grab the candy right out of your hand, or better yet, make a bee line for the bowl. No concept of Halloween, “trick or treat” is too abstract, but by doG, they ALL. KNOW. CANDY.

7:10 pm — You can tell we have trick or treaters on the porch, not from the ringing doorbell, but from the chorus of “Oh, lookitthelittleKITTY!” as they see Duncan in the window. BDH told them it’s our dog, dressed up as a cat.

7:12 pm — Mustard! And Ketchup! Just came to our door! It was AWESOME!

7:18 pm — Jack the WonderKid next door just came by. He’s a Ninja Turtle. Kind of. Without the mask or weaponry. And, without much real knowledge of what a Ninja Turtle actually IS. So… a turtle, then. Meh, it works for him.

7:20 pm — Duncan has taken to chatting with the kids he sees walking by.

7:23 pm — The sweetest little Batman (although she is a little girl) just came and tapped on my door (that happens when they’re too little to know what a doorbell does, or to reach it). I think she was more enchanted with the very special glow-in-the-dark scepter she had in her hand. That is, until I asked if Batman likes SMARTIES…

7:26 pm — I get such a kick out of it when kids have NO IDEA what they are. This little fellow, maybe 8 or 9, was dressed as a horror movie murderer. Complete with mask and scythe. And yet? “What are you?” “Um… I don’t know.”

7:30 pm — Maybe a break for a tasty refreshing beverage…?

7:35 pm — SpiderMan just came to my door. And he is TIRED. And he is NOT HAPPY. (Good thing SpiderMan brought his (Spider)Mom to carry him.)

7:39 pm — A break in the action. I can watch a bit of the movie. Already they’re at the “crusty jugglers” bit. Le sigh. Time flies when you are distributing foodstuffs to the masses in a show of altruism, community spirit and goodwill…

7:46 pm — Dude. What’s with all the knights out tonight? Was there some sort of movie with knights and stuff in it and I missed it?

7:47 pm — A very tired lion just came up the steps. “Sigh… trick… or treat… sigh…” But he had a great ROAR.

7:49 pm — I totally SUCK at guessing these costumes. How do you miss Robin Hood? ROBIN HOOD? Okay, so he wasn’t wearing green. Aaaand, it’s dark and I didn’t have glasses on. But still. He’s Robin Freaking Hood.

7:52 pm — 3 packages of Jelly Bellies just came to the door! These girls had wrapped themselves in cellophane filled with coloured balloons. It was AWESOME!

7:54 pm — We’ve had 100 kids so far, exactly. I have 25 bags of sour candies left, so we’ve got enough for just 25 more kids. Then, it’s lights out.

8:00 pm — Well, it’s slowed right down. I think we’re just about done. We’ll wait until the movie is over, but that’ll be it.

8:08 pm — BDH has brought the pumpkins in and turned off the light, and Hot Fuzz is coming to its conclusion, so… that’s Halloween for another night. We’ve had 103 kids, a good number. And mostly all of them were accompanied by an adult and most said thank you, both very pleasant changes from years past. So, that’s it from Halloween Central…

Good night, and Happy Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Halloween: Live Blogging from Here

  1. I loved the commentary. I felt like I was there and I can just hear Duncan letting the kids know he is happy with their costumes too. I was delighted with the costume description and hey, not everyone gets Robin Hood…could be Peter Pan???

  2. Duncan just LOVED the kids! He sat in the window and watched them all come and go, and when there were no kids but he could see them out there walking by, he’d burble and chirrup at them! He was such a good boy tonight.

    Bubby got tired out and missed the whole thing. It’s tough to be old.

    And BDH sat in view of the front door so he could see the kids too, and was quite taken with the Jelly Bellies and the Ketchup and Mustard and probably the most adorable little Disney-Snow-White-type princess you ever saw. And the tiny tiny kids, of course.

    I love Halloween. Next year will be a hoot, I bet!

  3. We had a very similar night. Imagine that!
    Willow sat at a respectable distance from the door, back on the stairs. Jasmine was no where to be seen.
    We didn’t last as long as you. Our light went off around 7:30.

    Did you find your Boo and EEK shirt?

  4. I did, in fact, find my Boo and Eek shirt and wore it once again, for about the 12th year running. I love that shirt. And it’s lasting very well — although since I only wear it once a year, that’s not surprising.

    I have leftover candy. It is evil, like the devil.

  5. *Note to self: Make plans to spend one Halloween with you guys. You almost make me want to enjoy that night.

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