Friday Fun: Halloween is Coming

You can tell October is drawing to a close around here these days. After a beautiful warm weekend, suddenly the bottom has dropped out of the temperature, and we’ve got the heat turned on at night. BAH! And you know what that means, don’t you? November with its dreary cold rainy days is looming. And then WINTER.

But in the meantime, it’s still October, and we still have Halloween to look forward to! So let’s keep in the spirit of things with this week’s Friday Fun, shall we?

  1. When you see leaves piling up on the walk, do you feel the irresistable urge to rake ’em up and bag ’em, or jump in them and kick them all over the place?
  2. Do you prefer smiley jack-o-lanterns or scary jack-o-lanterns?
  3. What are your favourite cold-weather comfort foods?
  4. What’s your favourite sign that winter is coming?
  5. Do you wear socks to bed in winter or no?
  6. What Halloween costume do you remember most from when you were a child?
  7. What’s your favourite Halloween treat?
  8. What’s one chore you do in the autumn?
  9. What’s your favourite piece of warm, snuggly clothing?
  10. Do you remember where I put my Eek and Boo shirt? (Well, OBVIOUSLY, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a shirt with “EEK!” and “BOO” written all over it. Along with other little Halloweeny pictures. And those little candy corn-thingies that they don’t make anymore. Sheesh.)

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Halloween is Coming

  1. 1. I used to get that urge before I had Darby. She loves to walk through them and go pee on them. I don’t know if this is something that all dogs like to do but now when I rake the leaves all I want to do is put them in bags, while wearing gloves of course!

    2. I prefer the scary jack-o-lanterns. Which reminds me that I have to go out and buy some pumpkins!

    3. Stew comes to mind – but really what I like is having baked beans with warm bread. That’s what we used to have every Saturday night and that is my comfort food.

    4. I love the smells. What I don’t like is going into stores and seeing all the Christmas decorations. It’s still October for crying out loud!

    5. No. I have a bath before bed to warm me up and that does the trick. I guess that fact that I share my bed with a dog and cats helps to keep me warm. I know it’s a no-no but it’s now a done deal.

    6. The costume that I remember the most is when I dressed up as a witch. I had my mom’s nursing cape, a long black dress, witches hat and wig and these pointy shoes but what I remember the most was my nose. I made this green nose that had a wart and hair growing out of it. YUCK!

    7. I don’t really have one. I loved getting chocolate bars and chips because that was such a rare treat.

    8. Well I don’t know if it is a chore or not but I do my gardens. I wanted more spring flowers so I went out and got some more bulbs and planted them. I also clean all the windows in the fall.

    9. I love sweaters so they are on the top of my list. I have so many that my mom made for me. I just love them.

    10. You mentioned something about cleaning up the garage. I think that it may have went out with the trash!

  2. 1. Kick them everywhere of course!
    2. Scary ones.
    3. Boiled dinner (corned beef and cabbage) and homemade chicken soup both of which I have had this week!
    4. Frost on the windows… it so much fun to draw in them.
    5. Socks to bed in winter,heck I still wear flip flops and clogs all winter. I think I only have 2 pairs of socks and that’s only for skating. I feel restricted in socks… mind you I love knitting the darn things, wool no less and just started a new slouch/ankle pattern I am hoping Tena likes.
    6. I don’t remember a specific costume but I remember the fun of making it up. None of this buying costumes for us.
    7. Molasses kisses.
    8. Get out the winter clothes and put away the summer stuff.
    9. Flannel PJs.
    10. I think you should check with Duncan. I am sure he hid it.

  3. 1.Kick them.
    2.Scary ones.
    3.Soups of any kind.
    4.Leaves falling .
    5.Only if it is really cold.
    6.Hobo. We didn’t have costumes,just blackened our face and put on old clothes.
    7.Chocolate bars.
    8.check the winter boots.
    9.fleecy pj’s
    10.My guess is the garage as well.

  4. Okay…me!

    1. Totally scatter them everywhere. I love kicking through them as I go for walks. When they’re not wet and nasty, that is.
    2. I like the friendly ones.
    3. Oven beef stew. Mashed potatoes. Chicken noodle soup from a packet, with the short noodles.
    4. I love the smell of fires burning in wood-burning fireplaces when you’re outside at night. And I like when the skies are crystal-clear at night and the air is still.
    5. I wear socks when it’s really cold. One pair of socks in particular, cotton ones, with a Winnie-the-Pooh decal sewn on them.
    6. One of my dad’s girlfriends made me a Raggedy Ann costume. It was gorgeous. I loved it so very much. Only now I appreciate how much time and effort she put in to make it for me.
    7. A couple of the moms down the street used to make special treats for the kids on the street. One made doughnuts, fresh and deep fried and so lovely, and the other made candy apples. It was just specially for us neighbourhood kids. My dad was not happy about the candy apples (“they’ll rot your teeth!”) but the doughnuts were the best treat ever.
    8. Put away all the flower pots and outdoor furniture, and put out the bird feeder. I used to clean out my gardens, but now I leave the tomatoes on the vine for the critters and the greens for the rabbits. And I let my black-eyed susans and echinacea go to seed for the girds to eat.
    9. I have some fleece shirts that have been boxed away all year that I bring out just for winter.
    10. Well I have to find it… I’ve worn it every Halloween for about 12 years now. It was a gift from a not-quite-2-year-old niece so we’d have the same shirt for Halloween. It’s special.

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