Ode on a Tuesday

Tuesdays are good. I find I am productive on Tuesdays. And I always have been.

Even when I was working, Tuesdays were my “busy” days. Mondays were… well, MONDAYS… and it was a struggle to just function after the weekend. Wednesdays were rough because it’s the middle of the week — too far from the next weekend, and the past one has completely worn off. Thursdays were not bad — I am a Thursday’s child, after all — but usually it meant an awful lot of rushing so you’d have everything done so you could cruise through a more relaxed Friday with your mind on the weekend.

Weekends used to be nice, when I was working. Although when I was coaching, even weekends became a busy time of rushing around and organizing and planning and DOING so much. They were hardly restful, and often times, they were downright exhausting. But now that I work at home, my weekends are just another day, with the exception of the presence of BDH over in his little cave.

But still, Tuesdays are my best work day. Tuesdays are good.

Fridays used to be good, when I was doing infertility treatments. Friday was the day I did a lot of baking — usually loaves of bread — and some cooking to get ready for the weekend. But now, that Friday routine has gone by the wayside, along with the barrels full of hormones that used to drive me to bake. I am sure Kelly misses those times too, because we could spend a Friday on the phone, on speakerphone, me endlessly kneading dough and her laughing at me for my baking frenzy.

I find I get a lot done mentally on a Tuesday. I have a writing deadline each Tuesday, and so I am usually just plowing headlong through my research and writing all day, and well into the evening, to get my article done before day’s end. And BDH usually has soccer on a Tuesday evening, which means my days are extra-long and he is not home until after midnight sometimes. I can also have other things going on while I write, like laundry and the dishwasher and that sort of thing. I usually feel stimulated to write, more organized, more busy and useful on a Tuesday.

Even on rainy Tuesdays like this one. I can sit here and do research and have something baking (not bread) in the oven at the same time.

I learned not to visit the grocery store on Tuesday, because that’s when the Oldsmobile would come. The Oldsmobile is the nickname I have given to a city bus that goes and picks up seniors from a local old folks’ home, and brings them to the store for their weekly shopping. While a great idea, it also makes for very crowded aisles and ponderously slow progress through the store and checkout. So, apparently, old folks like Tuesdays as well.

Of course, everyone has their good days and their bad days. And some people are good and busy and happy every day, and others just stumble and grumble through all the days of the week.

But me, I am just glad every week to have this one day where I feel like I am busy and useful and productive. That’s a hard thing to come by sometimes when you are on your own schedule.

And maybe — likely — there will be a better day for our Mystery Baby, and my Tuesdays will not be the days they are now. But I hope I can retain a little bit of my Tuesdays when he or she comes along. It’s a part of the week that I enjoy, and I hope I can still fit a little bit of a good Tuesday into life with Mystery Baby.

Ah, Tuesdays. Research is calling me. And a bit of laundry.

And maybe a loaf of pumpkin bread, too.

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  1. Thursdays are better for me than Tuesdays. Oh, and your talk of writing deadlines just reminded me I have two people to interview and an article to finish writing.

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