Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away…

~ U2, “Beautiful Day”

And it IS! It’s gorgeous and sunny and clear. And so nice and warm! Yesterday too.

Yesterday I convinced BDH to do some work around the house with me. BDH is not a fan of the “house work” — stuff that needs to be done to maintain the house (not “housework”, as in the cleaning you do inside) — so getting him to come out with me was a big thing. He works all week, and sometimes in his off hours too, so when he has a day off he likes to rest and relax. Working outside is not his idea of relaxation.

But yesterday, he came outside with me, and together we put away flower pots and outdoor furniture and tidied things up a bit. And… we started to tackle the garage.

Now our garage is scary. It has, for the past few years, been the repository of big stuff that we don’t know what to do with. We have been unable to store things in our basement because of The Peeing Kitty, so out into the garage it goes. But nowadays, The Peeing Kitty is more into sleeping than peeing, so the basement is not as scary a prospect as it once was. We can store things like lawn furniture and such down there with little fear of ruin.

We opened the door and went to work. We are accumulating a pile of… well… JUNK, actually… which we will then call a junk company to come and haul away. So, we bagged up all the stuff we can throw away in a regular garbage haul and put it on one side, and stuff like bed frames and computer parts and construction materials on the other. We put up some shelves for storage and swept and cleared away debris from Adventure Mouse. (No doubt he came home from visiting or shopping or whatever yesterday and was VERY surprised.)

Our garage is being reclaimed, slowly. We worked for about 4 hours yesterday and got about halfway through. We felt good about our progress. There’s still a lot to do — there’s still half the garage to do, and anything we want the junk people to haul away that is inside the house has to be dragged out — but still, we made a huge dent in it.

We got done, and cleaned up. I suggested that maybe, one evening this week, we could spend an hour and do a little more. Maybe in little increments like that. BDH agreed.

So this morning, I woke up to another gloriously sunny morning. I went downstairs and made lunch for BDH and coffee for me and got breakfast for the cats. BDH came down to the kitchen.

He kissed me on the cheek and said, “You don’t need to pack a lunch for me today.”

Inside, I fretted. Normally that means he would be going out for lunch, which can get expensive. Plus, I had already packed his lunch and boiled a bunch of eggs for the week’s breakfasts.

“Oh,” I said, bracing to NOT get peevish. “Why is that?”

“I’m taking the day off today,” said BDH with a wry grin. “It’s going to be a beautiful day. I thought maybe I’d spend a couple of hours playing my computer game, and maybe have a little nap. And then I thought we could do a little more work out in the garage.”

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  1. What a guy!!! My guy took me golfing today. It was a beautiful day, 20 degrees here in Nova Scotia not much wind and few golfers on the fairways. Are we sure it is October?

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