Friday Fun: Tagged

I got tagged the other day by Nicky.

Tagging someone is something that people who own blogs do to other people who own blogs. It’s when what’s called an “internet meme” gets passed on from one person to the next to the next to the next… Some bit of information, or a joke, or a file, or a little questionnaire (in this case) gets passed through your online social network and travels all over the internet.

So, you’re saying to yourself, “Self, what does this have to do with the Friday Fun”?

Well, I don’t have a big social network out here on the Intertubes, so instead, I am tagging you all. You’re all tagged to be a part of this little meme. All you have to do is answer the questions, just like normal. I’ve left out the first two questions of the original meme, because I’m not a big believer in sharing really specific identifying personal information on the ‘net, and I added in two of my own, but otherwise… consider yourselves tagged!

  1. Food I love
  2. Places I’d rather be
  3. Movies I love
  4. TV shows I watch
  5. Books I love
  6. Things I do to relax
  7. Things that give me joy

See? Isn’t the internet just full of fun?

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tagged

  1. Since I was tagged first, I’m starting things off this week (plus it’s 4 am and I cannot sleep, so I have nothing better to do!)

    1. Food I love
    – French toast
    – fresh baked anything
    – Fish, especially fried pickerel
    – Mashed potatoes
    – Sushi — Japanese food in general, actually
    – Blueberries

    2. Places I’d rather be
    – In bed, sleeping soundly (I am beginning to think I may never sleep again)
    – Ireland
    – Barbados
    – I’m enchanted with the idea of living abroad, so there are a lot of places!

    3. Movies I love
    – Grosse Pointe Blank
    – A Year In Provence (ok, that’s a miniseries)
    – Much Ado About Nothing
    – A Mighty Wind
    – White Christmas
    – Pride and Prejudice (ok, another miniseries — the Colin Firth version)
    – Just about anything put out by Working Title Pictures

    4. TV Shows I watch
    I don’t watch anything current, I just buy DVD sets or watch online, so…
    – Doctor Who
    – Sports Night
    – House
    – M*A*S*H

    5. Books I love
    – Alice in Wonderland (what?)
    – any one of a number of biographies
    – A Year in Provence
    – 24 Stories of AIDS in Africa

    6. Things I do to relax
    – Bake
    – Have dance parties with my cats
    – Knit
    – Read
    – Listen to music

    7. Things that give me joy
    – Having dance parties with my cats
    – Watching volleyball
    – Curling up to watch a movie with BDH
    – Vacations
    – Music

  2. 1. Food I love..
    – chocolate
    – cheesecake
    – Munchos chips
    – salads
    – tomatoes
    – cheese
    – a good marinated steak

    2. Places I’d rather be..
    – beach, great cup of coffee, sunrise..say no more
    – Touring Europe (including Ireland and Scotland)
    – Disney World
    – somewhere tropical

    3. Movies I love…
    – 13 Going on 30
    – Ms. Congeniality
    – The Illusionist
    – Phantom of the Opera

    4. TV shows I watch…
    – Bobby Flay on Food Network
    – Biography
    – Moonlight
    – X-weighted
    – Biggest loser

    5. Books I love…
    – Anything by Julianne MacLean, Lauren Royal, and Candace Camp

    6. Things I do to relax…
    – Knit or crochet (still looking for that pattern Cinn)
    – Read
    – Sing
    – Outings with the kids

    7. Things that give me joy..
    – time with family
    – reading
    – knitting
    – finding just a little quiet time just for me
    – outings with the kids

  3. I did fill this out but I think it got filtered out again. Hope BDH had a great day yesterday.

    Ed: Yep, that darn overactive spam filter! But here it is, safe and sound.

  4. 1. I love Italian food for the most part. Not a big fan of eggplant (tastes like teabags to me) but pretty much everything else. Greek food is so much fun. My mom’s spareribs, cabbage rolls, homemade soup. If there is good company than any food is good!
    2. I really enjoy living in Burlington but I would love to be in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Newfoundland, Vancouver Island, the Laurentians, Cape Cod….You have to be happy where you are but these are places that I love.
    3. The Colur Purple, The Sound of Music at Christmas, any Disney movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. I used to love going to the movies but lately what I find I am doing is renting a lot of foreign movies and of course I can’t remember the titles! The characters are just so much more alive and real. Not just fake hair and fake boobs and fake blood. You know what I mean?
    4. I used to love reading Louis L’Amour books. Right now I am just reading for relaxation and I am reading Faye Kellerman books. I enjoy mystery books. I really have to rethink my reading material!
    5. Well I read, listen to music, walk, take a bath.
    6. There are so many things that give me joy – my family can give me joy but also heartache. My animals – I get such a kick out them. My gardent – I love to look at the flowers. Music gives me joy.

  5. 1. Food I love
    -Rare steak
    -Caesar salad
    -Indian food in general
    -Chocolates and candies

    2. Places I’d rather be
    -In bed
    -Just about anywhere quiet
    -Most of the world, really

    3. Movies I love
    -The Princess Bride
    -Moulin Rouge
    -The Never Ending Story
    -The X-Men series, especially X2

    4. TV shows I watch
    -The Simpsons
    -The Sarah Silverman Program

    5. Books I love
    -Just about anything written by Robert A. Heinlein, Spider Robinson and Terry Pratchett
    -Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About by Mil Millington
    -The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
    -Watership Down by Richard Adams

    6. Things I do to relax
    -Visit my old friend, the Internet
    -Knit (badly)

    7. Things that give me joy
    -A good gin and tonic
    -My kids and husband and cats

  6. Cinn! I too LOVE A Year in Provence and all the Peter Mayle books – just hilarious. The first time Jrck went to France with me, he finally got it and started enjoying the Mayle books too!

    BUT, I had no idea that there is a mini-series… I’m going to have to look that up, and see if it’s out there on DVD.

    thanks for the tip – and the reply

  7. OMG Nicky, you HAVE to get the miniseries! It was done by A&E in 1992 or 1993 or something, starring the late great John Thaw and Lindsay Duncan, and it’s just fantastic.

    Chapters/Indigo always has it. That’s where I got my copy.

    It’s not very faithful to the book, except in essence, but it’s brilliant and charming and lovely. We enjoy it so much!

  8. 1. I love chocolate(what woman doesn’t)Vegetables done in a white sauce, Seafood. Lobster,King Crab Legs.
    2. Any place that is warm but not too hot.
    3. The Sound of Music.
    4. What is there to watch?
    5. Almost any book. I just finished two books by Sue Monk Kidd. The secret life of Bees and Mermaid Chair. Both good books.
    6. Read and golf and a little gardening.
    7. Grandchildren,beating hubby at golf and time with friends.

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