Now It Gets Real

Adoption Journey – Day 270

Well, it’s begun. The waiting for Mystery Baby has *officially* begun, as our file will be headed to Ethiopia in the next day or two.

Yep, we got our approval from the Government of Canada within the week, and paid our final (HA!) fees yesterday (and thanks to the sagging US dollar, we actually paid LESS than the US amount! Nothing like saving money when you’re paying out thousands of dollars!) So now our file is complete, our money is paid, and so it will be sent to Ethiopia at the earliest convenience of the agency.

So, you know what this means, right?

In a few weeks/months, we will have a referral. A picture and details about OUR CHILD. Mystery Baby will no longer be a mystery.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we started this process, and very soon, we will have a picture of the wrinkly little old man that will become our son or daughter. (Because let’s face it: every infant looks like a little old man.) Soon we’ll have a name, and a birthdate, and some medical history… maybe even some family history.

It doesn’t seem real.

I’m sure it will become more real in the next few weeks as we start to gear up a bit. We still have so very much to do around the house to get ready for bringing home a baby. And before we can accept the proposal that will come for Mystery Baby, we have to get a fair few things done around here, and get a final approval from the social worker who did our homestudy. So, that means we have to get the baby’s room started, get baby furniture assembled and buy a crib mattress and bedding, buy a car seat, and finish up all our babyproofing measures like putting on cabinet locks and babyproof electrical plates.

So here’s what happens next:

  • File goes to Ethiopia.
  • Our immigration paperwork continues to churn through the halls of government.
  • Our file is received by the appropriate officials in Ethiopia. They look at the file and say, “Oh my, aren’t they a lovely couple! They shall be good parents for Mystery Baby.”
  • Mystery Baby’s proposal comes to Canada.
  • We review Mystery Baby’s file with social worker. We send medical reports to an adoption medicine clinic. And if all is ok, we accept the proposal.
  • We send the accepted proposal back.
  • Probably we pay more fees.
  • The baby gets more medicals done, including an all-important HIV test.
  • Our immigration paperwork continues to churn through the halls of government.
  • The courts in Ethiopia schedule 3 dates for the birth family of the baby to contest the adoption.
  • The courts approve the adoption.
  • Our immigration paperwork continues to churn through the halls of government.
  • Our immigration paperwork is complete, and we are issued paperwork for the baby and a visa for us to travel.
  • THEN we can go get our Mystery Baby.

There’s still a lot to be done, so there is a LOT of waiting left. But the day is coming when we will have a proposal for a baby in our hands. And then the wait begins in earnest — it is the hardest wait of all, because your child is known to you (on paper, at least) and you can do nothing as you sit here and your child sits in Ethiopia growing and changing and developing and you are missing it. And all you want is to go and become a family, finally.

So, we have a way to go yet. But we’re finally on our way, in paper form at least, to Ethiopia.

5 thoughts on “Now It Gets Real

  1. Boy a lot happens when your computer is down! Does this mean that you might have a new addition to your family by the end of the year?

  2. Well, we’re hoping for a referral by Xmas… it would be nice to get the file and some pictures of our Mystery Baby by then — you know, in case Santa wanted to drop some early Xmas gifts for him or her…

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