Friday Fun: Thanksgiving Treats

YAY! It’s a long weekend again! Although we don’t do anything for Thanksgiving around here, I know it’s a time for people to get together with families, remember what they’re thankful for, and eat turkey and pumpkin pie until they want to barf.

So, we’ll do a nice easy Turkey Day-themed Friday Fun. Something easy, not too filling, and you can doze off on the couch when you’re done.

  1. What are 3 things you are thankful for?
  2. Turkey or ham?
  3. Where do you usually eat Thanksgiving dinner?
  4. What are 3 things (besides turkey) you have at Thanksgiving dinner?
  5. What’s the best way to eat turkey leftovers?
  6. Sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes?
  7. Do you have any Thanksgiving-related school artwork stuck up on your fridge right now?
  8. Pumpkin pie or fruit pie?
  9. What do you do after you eat a big holiday meal?
  10. Can you save me some turkey? Maybe a little gravy?

Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you have a great long weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Thanksgiving Treats

  1. 1. Family, friends, work, play, animals, flowers, trees, sun, moon, stars….everything! It’s a wonderful world.
    2. Turkey
    3. Varies – last year at our house, this year NY with my sister, next year ????
    4. Sweet Potato, Mashed potato, cabbage rolls
    5. Hot turkey sandwich
    6. I love garlic mashed potatoes
    7. No
    8. I only eat pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. I am not really fond of it.
    9. Normally the dishes
    10. But of course. You can join us on Monday when we will be having our own!

  2. 1. Family, friends and life.
    2. Turkey and ham.
    3. Our home.
    4. Sweet potatoes, cranberries and mashed potatoes.
    5. Turkey sandwich with dressing and cranberries.
    6. Both.
    7. No.
    8. Normally pumpkin pie but who knows maybe ice cream if I’m being lazy.
    9. Clean up.
    10. You are welcome anytime.

  3. 1. Other than the same as mom, family, friends, I would have to choose…oh gosh, there are too many things to condense it to 3….my eyesight so I can see my children’s smiles, my hearing so I can hear their giggles, and my ability to move so I can feel their hugs and kisses….sunlight, rain, beaches,life is wonderful.
    2. Turkey.
    3. Mom and Dad’s.
    4. Dressing, sweet potatoes, jellied cranberries.
    5. Mayo, cranberries and dressing on white bread (this whole thing sounds a lot like Mom’s).
    6. Sweet potatoes.
    7. No, not yet.
    8. Pumpkin.
    9. Usually burp, groan, struggle to get out of the chair, and then complain that I ate too much.
    10. Sure thing, just remind mom.

  4. 1. My husband, my daughters and my cats. How’s that for sappy?
    2. Turkey. Ham’s so… pedestrian.
    3. Whatever looks good, and lots of it! I will shamelessly eat my own body weight in turkey, given the opportunity.
    4. Mashed potatoes, buns with butter and wine. I’m all about booze and carbs.
    5. Straight up. Cold pieces of turkey conveyed to the mouth by hand. Yum.
    6. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes are nice but don’t do butter justice. You know, maybe there’s a reason my ass is so big.
    7. Yes, and a Student of the Month certificate that came home the same day. Go Weaselgirl!
    8. A pumpkin pie made without nutmeg, since it gives me migraines for some inexplicable reason.
    9. Sit around. I’m creative like that.
    10. I’ll see if I can pilfer some from dinner with the inlaws on Sunday.

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