Done, Part 2

Adoption Journey – Day 256

We’re done.

All our dossier paperwork is complete. According to our checklist, I just got back from the adoption agency, where I handed in the last pictures and medical reports and reference letters and whatnot today. That’s it. It’s all done.

Of course, I know there will be more paperwork. Adoptions involve governments, so of COURSE there will be more to sign. But, pending that and any last-minute changes, our file is complete. And that’s a big hunk of work and stress and time. So it’s nice to be able to say “dossier complete”.

(That being said, I am sure we’ll have some last-minute thingammy or other to sign in triplicate and photocopy and witness and stand on our heads for. That’s the way it works, right? “Oh, it’s a BABY you want? Oh, well then… there’s just these thirty billion forms to fill out…” There’s always something more you have to do. I know this from the whole infertility show, man.)

Next stop, Government of Canada for a week or two. Then, back to the agency where we kick in some fees (or maybe we do that right away; our caseworker is off sick so we won’t know until tomorrow). Then, next stop, Ethiopia.

And that will mean: a referral. Our Mystery Baby will not be a mystery anymore.

We’re that much closer. Still a long way to go, but barring anything unexpected popping up, from here on in it is just waiting. No more chasing documents and rushing around. From here on in, we’re waiting on a baby, and then we’re waiting on the okay to bring that baby home.

Never thought we’d get this far, huh.

3 thoughts on “Done, Part 2

  1. It is hard to believe that you have completed everything! Does this mean that there is a possibility that you could have an extra special Christmas? I am so happy for the two of you.

  2. Thanks guys! We are hoping that we’ll have a referral by Xmas. That would be a really great Xmas present! We won’t be able to travel until months after that because there are a bunch of procedures that have to happen between referral and travel. But that’s actually okay, because there’s a law that comes into effect mid-December that would mean the difference between getting citizenship for the baby right away vs. having to apply for it later, and it would save us a LOT of hassle if we could fall AFTER the bill comes into effect.

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