Happy October

Happy October, peeps!

I love the fall. Two of my favourite months, September and October, bringing warm sunny days and cool nights. And I feel like doing things again, whereas in summer, between the humidity and the air quality warnings, I’m a prisoner in my own house.

I like being able to open the windows and have the fresh air making it feel less stuffy. In the daytime, it’s still plenty warm — even hot — and then as the sun begins to set it’s gloriously cool and refreshing. These are the days when I start to regret not having a fireplace. This is the first house we’ve lived in that didn’t have a wood-burning fireplace in it, and we really miss it sometimes. As the autumn wears on, it’s always so nice to put a fire on when it gets colder.

It’s dark-ish when I get up to walk, which is weird but kind of nice. I walk in the early morning because I like the quiet and the privacy. So it’s pretty lovely that the dark cool mornings start to discourage other people from getting out. Soon, I’ll be kicking through the pretty coloured leaves and having to put on a fleece against the frosty mornings.

And I can bake and cook in the oven again, which is wonderful. It’s not too hot out, so having the oven on again isn’t going to make the house a sauna. Right now, there are two loaves of pumpkin bread baking, making the whole house smell magical and homey. Fresh baking smells like home to me. After that, I’m going to make a whole bunch of homemade calzones and freeze them for BDH’s lunches. Also, I got the crock pot out yesterday for the first time since the spring, and made a roast. So I’m really enjoying being able to cook and bake in comfort again.

It’s perfect clothesline weather, but I don’t have one yet. But I am putting it on my Xmas list, so maybe next year, I’ll be able to have fresh-smelling (and economical!) laundry.

This is also one of the first years in a long time that we’ll be home for Halloween, since we’re not coaching and have nothing going on. Teenagers don’t go out for Halloween — they go to practice — and so coaches do too. So this year, I am kind of looking forward to it a little. I bought some electric jack-o-lanterns at Target (for a ridiculously cheap price! Yay!) and I’ll be able to decorate a little but. I always look forward to seeing the wee little kids as they come around, dressed as peas-in-a-pod or pumpkins or whatever. Most are far too little for candy (or should be, anyway) but it’s still fun.

So take some time each day and enjoy the little things that make life wonderful. Live in the moment. Because soon it will be November and the cold rain will be here. And then we’ll have to hibernate once more.