Friday Fun: Fun with Names

Friday again! And not a minute too soon, either… although my cleaning frenzy will come screeching to a halt (especially with BDH home for 2 full days). But I am tired, so it’s going to be a nice easy one today.

I’ve been pondering a lot of names recently. Just trying them on for size. But, since we are firm believers in waiting until we see Mystery Baby before we name him or her, we haven’t seriously got anything in mind. Also, we have to wait and see what name was given to Mystery Baby and by who — we will probably want to keep that in some respect, too.

But people have such strong opinions of names and what they like and what they don’t like, so I always like to see what people like in a name. So here’s a list of old and new, popular and not-so-much, Biblical and traditional Ethiopian (because both are a possibility for Mystery Baby’s birth name)… let’s see what you come up with!

The list goes in pairs of boys, girls, boys, girls… So, choose:

  1. Daniel or Gabriel?
  2. Kalkidan or Emnet?
  3. James or William?
  4. Natalie or Molly?
  5. Samuel or Gideon?
  6. Zahra or Amara?
  7. Bereket or Dawit?
  8. Helen or Abigail?
  9. Simon or Adam?
  10. Georgia or Susannah?
  11. Solomon or Ezekiel?
  12. Miranda or Meredith?
  13. Mekonnen or Tesfaye?
  14. Daisy or Rose?
  15. Henry or Elliot?
  16. Elshaday or Rohama?
  17. Oliver or Dominic?
  18. Rowena or Amelia?
  19. Mikias or Abebe?
  20. Charlotte or Matilda?

Don’t panic. Relax. Some of these I would not even consider; others, maybe so. Either way, it’s fun to talk about names, isn’t it?

Ed: Because Mom was wondering where I got some of the names from, I am including a link to “My Ethiopian Name” if you’re interested in having a look around there. Ethiopian names come in all sorts: from Amharic names (which is the official language of Ethiopia) to names from other cultural groups in Ethiopia; from Muslim names to very traditional Biblical names. So there’s wonderful variety, and so it’s going to be fun to see what name Mystery Baby comes to us with!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Fun with Names

  1. Gabriel

  2. 1. Daniel
    2. Kalkidan.
    3. James.
    4. Natalie.
    5. Samuel.
    6. Amara.
    7. Bereket.
    8. Helen
    9. Adam
    10. Susannah
    11. Solomaon
    12. Miranda
    13. Mekonnen
    14. Rose
    15. Elliot
    16. Rohama
    17. Oliver
    18. Rowena
    19. Mikias
    20. Charlotte
    I am glad you added the last sentence.Some of these I didn’t know and couldn’t pronounce. I was a little worried for a while.

  3. Well that’s because a fair few of them are Ethiopian names! You never know what Mystery Baby’s name will be when he comes to us — and if it was given to him by his mother or his caregiver it might be something he wants to keep because it is a special part of who he is. So, we’ll likely keep it as a middle name, but who knows… if it’s something we can pronounce and we like too, maybe we’ll keep it as a first name! It’s hard to say.

    All part of the great unknown of our Mystery Baby!

    (Besides, we are going to have to stop calling him Mystery Baby sometime!)

  4. That sounds like a good thing to me. I did not mean that I would not like it, just that I would need some help with it.

  5. Oh no worries. Sometimes I think some of the names I see are just a mouthful to pronounce, or the sound is not good, or whatever. So you just never know!

  6. Names! Woot!

    1. Daniel
    2. Emnet
    3. William
    4. Molly
    5. Gideon
    6. Zahra
    7. Dawit
    8. Helen
    9. Simon
    10. Georgia
    11. Ezekiel
    12. Miranda
    13. Mekonnen
    14. Daisy
    15. Elliot
    16. Rohama
    17. Oliver
    18. Rowena
    19. Abebe
    20. Matilda

  7. O, the name game! We’ve had tons of fun picking our names – but you’ll have to wait in suspense until we get our referral 😉

    As for the list (some of these are loaded questions! 🙂 )

    Hamish (Scottish for James)
    Amara (This was actually in our top 10!)
    Simon or Adam?
    Oliver and Dominic
    Rowena and Amelia

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