Shhh. I’m hiding.

There’s a lot of stupid out there today, and I don’t want it to find me.

I had to go get Opus from her *ahem* SPA VACATION (read: boarding at the vet) this morning, and on my way there and back, encountered some of the stupidest driving and/or walking in quite some time.

Two people who had just had a very, very minor car accident walked in front of my car as I was driving along, paying no attention to the fact that they were walking against the light. So they very nearly had a very minor accident and a life-threatening accident, all in one morning.

Another psycho in a construction-rigged pickup was weaving all over the road in futile attempts to get 10 feet farther in traffic. He swerved into my lane and almost took the front end off my car. He then proceeded to disregard a red light, driving through it instead — and it’s not like he didn’t see it, because he slowed to a stop when the light was fully changed to red for a few seconds, and then just decided to go through the red anyway — and started screaming and pointing at the poor woman who was turning through the intersection and had to slam on the brakes and veer out of the way to avoid t-boning him.

I took a side street to avoid the crazy, where I encountered a lot of construction, and a city bus whose driver decided that, rather than wait and ease around the construction, he would rather sideswipe me instead to get around his construction pylons. (He missed me. By inches.)

It was a 10 minute drive there, and a 10 minute drive back. And I almost witnessed or participated in 3 separate accidents.


It’s one of those days where I hate people. I love humanity, don’t get me wrong. It’s people I can’t stand. (Props to whoever said that first; I can’t be arsed to go look it up.)

So I am hiding in the cool of my attic with the curtains pulled.

The stupid will never find me in here.

1 thought on “Hiding

  1. LMAO!!!

    “The stupid will never find me in here”


    I’ve had days like that – that 10min drive can turn into a heart pounding carnival ride of terror. I’m glad you made it home safely & without injury or litigation.

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