A Largely Unsatisfying Time

We’re home again. Although we had a nice weekend, it was largely… unsatisfying.

With the dollar at par, we were hoping to get some much-anticipated and frankly, much-needed shopping done. But when we got to the mall in Buffalo (Walden Galleria) we found it stupid busy. It was like the Christmas rush we get here, mall jam-packed full of people… only All. The. Damn. Time. And it isn’t really that great a mall, quite frankly. I didn’t see much, but what I did see did not impress. So no clothing bargains for BDH or myself. I can do just as well online, without the hassles. We ate, and then we fled.

But we DID flee to the relative peace and quiet of a nearby Target store, where I did a little preliminary baby shopping, and a lot of pricing stuff out. I picked up a couple of sleepers, some bottles and bibs, a teething ring… just a few odds and ends. OH, and a mobile that BDH wanted to buy. Not a lot of stuff, but we wandered and found out what the prices were like and so now I know what I want to get and where to find it. And ohmyDog, the diapers are cheap. I will buy cases and cases of diapers.

We are beginning to think that the next time, we’ll go to non-mall shops. We love the shopping if we don’t have the stupid and the crowded. So we’ll just plan to go to a few specific stores in a few non-Walden-Galleria or non-major-mall locations, and I think we’ll enjoy ourselves a lot more.

And the main reason we went down, the volleyball matches, were frustrating and made me feel stabby. Although I enjoy watching the games and I like touching base with the girls we know and giving them our support and encouragement, it’s hard to watch sometimes. We can’t take our coaches’ hats off and just enjoy. There’s too much that needs fixing and too many things that we would change and too much that is frustrating to watch without being able to do anything about it. So it sometimes gets to be a challenge. We love to go and cheer; we just get a bit peevish.

So we packed up early, sailed across the border without hardly a moment’s delay (YAY!) and were home in time for lunch. And we were happy to be home with the cats and the quiet and the NOT crowds and NOT traffic.

As a fact-finding mission, the weekend was good. But as for the rest — it’s like when you are really looking forward to going to a restaurant, and then you order the completely WRONG thing. You’re glad you went, but you will know better next time.