Friday Fun: One or the Other

Time to make some choices!

  1. Rainy day or snowy day?
  2. Yogurt, sour cream or cottage cheese?
  3. Colour photos or black-and-white?
  4. Knapsack or briefcase?
  5. Gregory Peck, Paul Newman or George Clooney?
  6. Four $5 bills, two $10 bills, or a $20?
  7. Hugs or kisses?
  8. Coffee cake or apple crisp?
  9. Cotton sheets or flannel sheets?
  10. Mums, black eyed susans, or geraniums?
  11. Biking or hiking?
  12. Pen or pencil?
  13. Waffles, French toast or pancakes?
  14. Full moon or moonless night?
  15. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Some tough choices! Don’t sit on the fence now!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: One or the Other

  1. 1. Snow!
    2. Cottage cheese with pineapple
    3. I like black and white with it painted in colour
    4. Briefcase
    5. Paul Newman
    6. Four $5 bills (actually 20 loonies)
    7. Hugs today!
    8. Coffee cake
    9. Cotton sheets
    10. I love them all but I would say geraniums
    11. Hiking
    12. Pen
    13. Pancakes
    14. Full moon
    15. Halloween

  2. 1. Rainy day. I hate winter.
    2. Mmm, cottage cheese.
    3. I usually prefer colour.
    4. Knapsack.
    5. I have to pick one? Uh, Clooney?
    6. Two $10s.
    7. I refuse to choose one over the other. Sorry.
    8. Apple crisp, but they both suck.
    9. Flannel. Oh, how I love my flannel sheets.
    10. Black eye susans.
    11. Hiking, on account of I already own my feet but haven’t had a bike in years.
    12. Pen. Pencil is the devil’s writing implement.
    13. Damn, that’s hard. Waffles, probably.
    14. Moonless. And now I have “Moondance” stuck in my head. Thank you .
    15. Hallowe’en. The candy’s better, you get to wear costumes and I don’t have to drive out to Rockwood for a family dinner. Rockwood. Srsly.

  3. 1. Rainy day. not so cold.
    2. Cottage cheese with fruit.
    3. Color.
    4. Knapsack.
    5. Paul Newman.
    6. It doesn’t really matter. None last very long when I shop.
    7. I like both but hugs are nice for now.
    8. Coffee cake . I had a cranberry and orange one yesterday.
    9. Cotton.
    10. Mums
    11. Prefer to walk.
    12. pen.
    13. Waffles.
    14. Moonlight.
    15. Thanksgiving. Love to be with the family.

  4. 1. Rainy day (my British side is still there)
    2. Cottage cheese is yummy!
    3. Black & white has more visual interest to me
    4. Knapsack
    5. Gregory Peck (Clooney? Never!!)
    6. 4 5’s
    7. Very tough – depends on whose doing the kissing!
    8. Coffee cake please!
    9. Cotton
    10. Black Eye Susans
    11. Hiking
    12. Pencil (but I always use a pen)
    13. French toast with cinnamon and confectioner’s sugar!
    14. Full moon
    15. Halloween – because candy trumps turkey

  5. 1. Snow.
    2. Cottage cheese for sure, also with pineapple.
    3. Color.
    4. Knapsack.
    5. Clooney.
    6. Two 10’s
    7. Hugs.
    8. Apple Crisp.
    9. Cotton.
    10. Mums I guess.
    11. Hiking, have you seen this butt on a bike????
    12. Pencil.
    13. French toast.
    14. Full moon.
    15. Thanksgiving, also love the family time and mom’s turkey and dressing, and the pumpkin pies.

  6. It looks like I’m the oddball yet again in a lot of these:

    1. Rainy days. I love them. And I hate the cold.
    2. Yogurt. All flavours, but especially vanilla or peach. YUM!
    3. Black and white. I love black and white photography for the crispness and the detail, and the shadows and light.
    4. I’m a knapsack kind of girl.
    5. I loves me some Gregory Peck. He was so charming and dignified and… *sigh* Also he was in one of my favourite movies, To Kill A Mockingbird.
    6. I like a nice, crisp twenty.
    7. Definitely hugs. There’s no problem in our house that can’t be solved by a good cuddle, or so says Opus.
    8. Cotton. High thread count cotton. I find my jammies stick to flannel like velcro sometimes. Flannel on flannel = bad.
    9. Coffee cake.
    10. I love mums, mostly because my mother did. We had beautiful pots of mums at our wedding. But I love black eyed susans too. Not real fussy on geraniums, though — unless they are the ivy kind.
    11. I love hiking. As long as I have good boots on.
    12. Hm. I think pen.
    13. Oh definitely French toast. the ultimate comfort food.
    14. I like the brightness of a full moon.
    15. Halloween. I love when the little tiny kids come to my door in their little costumes! I turn off the lights after the little ones get done, so if you’re older than, say, 10, you’re out of luck at my house.

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