Think Sleepy, Comfortable Thoughts

… because tonight, I am at the sleep clinic again!

I need all the sleepy, comfy, relaxed vibes you can send me. Not to mention, good jammies (I have those, don’t send them) and 4 dollars for the parking lot (also have it, but if you want to send me money, send as much as you want. Preferably $20s and $50s. Crisp new bills only, please.)

The metal ponytail, the glue on the head, the tape across the face… OH JOY! Consider yourselves lucky I don’t do a video blog.

I hope to get some sleep tonight, but I am not counting on it. In fact, I expect to sleep like ass, come home, and crash for several hours.

But we’ll see.

What I am really hoping is for this CPaP machine to do the trick, and that I can get a decent sleep and feel a bit rested. Or at least, have the numbers and lines and graphs indicate that I slept better. Considerably better, even.

If I like it, maybe I’ll even get a little kitty-sized one for Bubby. (Kidding. Of course. She sleeps just fine. Napping is her forte.)

So… comfy jammies? Check. Water bottle? Check. Book to read? Check. Alarm clock? Check. (I can’t sleep without a clock. It’s a thing.)

I think I am ready.

Wish me luck.

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