Feeling Fall

Things I love about the autumn:

  1. The leaves turning colour
  2. Casseroles
  3. Days that are clear and sunny but not oppressively hot
  4. Kids are back in school
  5. Stews
  6. Birds at the bird feeder
  7. Sweaters
  8. Squirrels out gathering nuts (and other things that are too big for them to carry)
  9. Harvest and markets
  10. The smell of fires burning in people’s fireplaces as I walk by
  11. Pumpkin bread
  12. Deer coming by the back fence
  13. More baking!
  14. Red wine
  15. Tea in the evening

Things I don’t love about the autumn:

  1. Mornings get darker
  2. Rain and more rain
  3. November
  4. Trees bare of leaves
  5. Snow flurries
  6. Unpredictable driving weather
  7. Cold
  8. The barrage of Christmas songs and commercials EVERYWHERE
  9. Feeling sleepy and wanting to hibernate
  10. Shops getting busier
  11. Winter is coming

And YOU?

1 thought on “Feeling Fall

  1. I LOVE those lists!! Fall is my fave season too – partly because it’s an excuse to cover up with layers of heavy clothing & jackets to cover my butt ;-P

    But I think it’s mostly because of memories of a new school year, rich colors, and energizing freshness in the air.

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