Monday Again

Hello, New Week.

Here we are at Monday again. Can you believe the weekend is gone so fast?

Kind of a shame for those who have to go out to work. But for me, well… just another day of things to be done here in the House of Peevish.

I used to hate you, New Week.

It was nothing personal — just the fact that it meant I had to go back to work.

But now, I am happy to see you. You bring some order back to my days.

I always know that laundry has to be done when you arrive.

Sometimes, you intimidate me. You with your long list of things to get done. Whenever you arrive I find myself going over and over lists in my head.

Sometimes it feels like you’re not here long enough to get everything done that I need to get done.

But mostly? I’m happy to see you, New Week.

I like your sense of order. I like your sense of structure — up at the same time, to bed at the same time, walk in the morning, “at X time we do Y…”

I like your optimism, as if to say, “Sure, we can get all this done! No worries!”

I like that nowadays, I am enjoying my time with you. I feel like you’re making my life slow down a bit.

Before, it was rushing by, and I was miserable. I hated my week.

I was missing my life.

But now, you help me enjoy it more, and live in it more. We get more worthwhile things done. We take time to think and enjoy and be.

So welcome back, New Week! Thanks for stopping by.