Do you remember Woodstock, the little bird from the Peanuts comics? The little guy who flew kind of topsy-turvy, all-over-the-place, sometimes-upside-down and sometimes not?

Well, this week and for the past few weeks, I’ve been kind of like Woodstock. I know where I have to go, but getting there is a little topsy-turvy and all over the place.

My weeks have been kind of… disjointed. I have random bits of this and that to do, in the middle of big projects to do, so it all feels kind of scattershot. It feels like I have no plan (and you know me, I like a plan).

A lot of odd jobs have had to be done for our adoption, that last push of paperwork before our file gets sent off to the government, then Ethiopia. I’ve had places to go and errands to run outside my usual stuff, and that has caused great honking gaps in my daily routine. Plus, there was that extra day off, so I feel like it’s not Thursday… although goodness knows, I could not tell you what day it actually IS.

But, the good thing is, it’s always moving forward. Things are getting done.

I’ve been going to and from the vet regularly. Just dropping off cats, and picking cats up, and taking cats to appointments…

I’ve phoned the government Revenue department (those tax people). And that was actually very PLEASANT, which is outside the norm for most people. (Of COURSE it was pleasant — they are in PEI!)

I’ve been to the adoption agency, and will be going again.

I’ve spent great honking blocks of time in a foreign country. (Okay, so it’s the U.S. But STILL.)

I’ve had LUNCH. With a FRIEND. *gasp!*

I’ve sat and knitted in an office cubicle while waiting to see someone to notarize documents. And I’ve had documents notarized, which is again an odd thing to do.

I’ve started a new writing gig, which requires the use of a new software, which I have already blown up in spectacular fashion.

I’ve walked. Early.

And my days will continue to be disjointed, at least for a little while longer, with passport photos to take and photocopies to make and doctor visits to arrange.

It’s been an odd few weeks. To and from, here and there, back and forth. I’ve had lots of detours and turns in my days. But at least, things are getting done. I’m getting somewhere.

Woodstock would be proud.