Life With Duncan

10 things that become more difficult in the presence of a 6-month-old kitten:

  1. Sweeping — Either he’s chasing the broom, or he’s chasing the stuff you’re trying to sweep up, or he’s sitting in the pile of schmutz you’ve just swept up (scattering it all over).
  2. Leaving a room — Because he needs to follow you. He loves you, and he gets lonely.
  3. Going to the bathroom alone — See#2. Also, the bathroom is a fascinating kitty wonderland of things to play in and watch and climb into.
  4. Using a bathmat correctly — Bathmats are like small kitty wrestling arenas. Apparently.
  5. Laundry — When he’s not reaching through the sides of the laundry basket to chase whatever is moving, he’s tunnelling into the dirty sheets pile. Or (new today!) he’s tasting the lint in the lint trap.
  6. Opening any large package — He’s very helpful.
  7. Closing any large package — He’s very helpful.
  8. Plant ownership — Dirt is FUN!
  9. Taking a step backwards — Beware of little tails.
  10. Doing anything at all around 5 pm — That is when our little man wakes from his nap. He doesn’t wake up so well, so comes over and he chirrups and grumbles at you until you pick him up and cuddle him back to sleep. If you are lucky, you can put him down on a blankie and he’ll nap for another hour or two. If not (depending on how you look at it, that is) — you’re cuddling a snoozing kitty for another hour or two.

We wouldn’t trade our little man for anything in the world.