Back Home Again

So, the long weekend is over. We are back from our weekend away.

In some ways, I am sad to see the end of another long weekend. I love being on vacation, being free from responsibility and just relaxing and doing whatever we want. And especially when we go to a hotel with lovely amenities and access to fun things to do. Then I’m kind of sad to leave.

We stayed in a room specially cleaned and decorated for people with allergies. It’s what they call a Pure room. Oh, it was MAGIC. There was a giant air filter in the room. The bedding was all this lovely cotton stuff. There were allergen-limiting covers on the bed. There was an aromatherapy/tea-tree-oil thingy in the air conditioner. It was so cool and inviting and I didn’t have to take any asthma meds all weekend. It was BLISS.

And it was nice to watch some volleyball, too. We got to see the Buffalo Bulls (featuring one of our former players) get their first (but hopefully not only) win of their young season, and we cheered our brains out — even through the other 3 nasty, bad, frustrating losses. We hung out with some good friends and met some nice parents and some really wonderful young athletes. And hey, it’s lots of volleyball, so for both BDH and myself, being a gym rat for a weekend is an ideal holiday.


There’s nothing really like being at home sometimes, you know? I mean, the cushy bed was FAB… but it’s not MY BED. (Yes, sad to say, I missed my horrible old bed in desperate need of new mattresses.) I find most people say they just sleep better in their own beds, and I’m much the same. Plus, being at home, you have all your stuff around you. So, there’s a place to put things, and when you think, “Oh, I wish I had X”, you actually have what you need.

And then there’s food. Eating out is all well and good for some people, but for me, I get up to here with restaurant food after awhile and just need something plain and simple and homemade. And even this trip, when we went to the grocery store and bought salads and muffins and fixings for sandwiches and the like to save money, I still was just craving something simple. Like soup and a grilled cheese sammich. Sigh.

So, I was actually quite pleased to get home and sleep in my own bed and eat a simple salad for lunch (with tomatoes from my own garden) and wear no makeup and pyjama bottoms for half the day and park in front of the TV and watch Hot Fuzz (which, if you have not seen it — what are you waiting for? It’s HILARIOUS. Go rent it. Or even buy it.)

And of course, there’s the added bonus of being greeted by 3 little faces, all so happy to see you home and wanting just to share some love. (The fourth will be picked up from her “Vacation Condo” this morning.)

Going away is great. But coming home is pretty sweet sometimes, too.