Finally… the good guy wins!

Steven Truscott was acquitted today, with the court calling his 1959 conviction a miscarriage of justice, and with an apology from the courts. Although the court was not able to declare him innocent, which in my mind they should have done without hesitation, his conviction has been quashed, and there will be no appeal. I hope he sues the government for as much money as he possibly can.

I’ve been on pins and needles all day, waiting for the decision to come down. I have been waiting to hear this news for many, many years, because the story has outraged me for years.

So many words come to mind when I think of how Truscott has fought for this day: Grace. Perseverance. Dignity. He is one of our citizens, one of our neighbours, here, and many in this city, and in this province and throughout this country, have stood behind him and believed in him and his absolute innocence in this case.

I cannot even imagine how Mr. Truscott and his family feel today. It has been a long, courageous fight for them, and beyond that, I have no words for what that 14 year old boy must have endured so long ago. He is at last free of a 50-year nightmare.

Congratulations, Mr. Truscott!