Well, That Was Unexpected

Adoption Journey — Day 218

Ummm… so. Yeah.

Remember how I said the other day that our file was sent off to the government and we’d be waiting for 8-10 weeks for approval?

Yeah. Well.

Friday we received word that we have been approved by the Ontario government!


5 -7 weeks ahead of what we’d planned!

(Again, SQUEE!!!)


So, the lesson here is… Never underestimate the power of bureaucracy to surprise.

3 thoughts on “Well, That Was Unexpected

  1. Ohm my gosh, what wonderful news. What point does this put you at in the process? I am so excited for you. Could this mean new mystery baby might be home for Christmas?


  2. Thank you! This means, if we can get cracking on the legal-type documents, and I get my photo pages done, and BDH gets his final medical doc done — AND the BIG one, coming up with our massive last installment of fees — we could have a dossier off to the federal govt and then Ethiopia much sooner than expected. But I would not count on a baby before Xmas.

    Still, any progress is good. 🙂

  3. Ahhhh….. does that mean I might be a new Grammie sooner rather then later? So get cracking. Stop running around and get the lead out.Get that stuff done and sent in. Early in 2008 would be good for a new addition to the family. No seriously, I’m very pleased to hear that things are progressing for you both. Keep us posted.

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