Friday Fun: Miscellany

A little bit of this… a little bit of that…

  1. What tasty beverage would be good right now?
  2. What’s on the floor of your closet?
  3. Motorcycles: fun and good, or noisy and evil?
  4. Describe your personality in meteorological terms (i.e. sunny, partly cloudy, etc.).
  5. What’s something you like to buy that’s under a dollar?
  6. Fill in the blank: I think ___________ should be ___________.
  7. What is one game (not sport) you enjoy playing?
  8. What side dish do you like best with a meal?
  9. What song do you remember most from childhood?
  10. What colour should we paint the baby’s room?

We’re off to Buffalo to watch some volleyball, so if I can get a connection to Teh Internets while we’re away, I’ll check in and post my answers.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Miscellany

  1. 1. Coffee.
    2. Shoes
    3. Noisy and evil.
    4. Mostly sunny with a few clouds.
    5. Is there anything out there for that price?
    6. I think I should be a Grandmother again soon.
    7. Golf. It is not a sport to me but a game I enjoy with
    friends and my hubby. If that out it would be Wringers.
    8. This time of year it would have to be green beans.
    9. Teddy Bears Picnic.
    10. If you don’t know the babies sex it is always safe to go
    with pale yellow or pale green. I have seen some very
    nice rooms done in these colors.

  2. 1. One of mom’s Parrott rum and five alive.
    2. Dust, dirt, box of unread books, too small clothes that we have grown out of to be taken to the Diabetes Drop-off Center.
    3. Noisy and evil.
    4. Sunny with periods of lightening storms and the possiblity of a tornado.
    5. Jersey Milk chocolate bar.
    6. I think chocolate should be an accepted food group.
    7. I like playing criconol.
    8. Cucumbers and cider vinegar.
    9. “Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes.” My dad used to sing it and the last line is “I’ll never love blue eyes again.” I used to hate it because Tena and BDH had brown eyes and I was the only child with blue eyes. It was all done in jest but I still remember it clearly.
    10. I agree with Mom that a lovely soft yellow or green would be wonderful and soothing for you and the baby. Remember, you will be spending lots of time in there rocking and singing lullabies so it must also soothe your tired mind and body.

  3. 1. I could murder a Corona
    2. Some old curtains and a bunch of other crap I really need to get rid of.
    3. Fun and good. I base this assessment on how much I enjoyed it when my dad took me on motorcycle rides around the block when I was little.
    4. Sunny with a 10% chance of thundershowers.
    5. My dignity. Ha! I kid, I kid.
    6. I think marshmallows should be purple.
    7. Scrabble, yo.
    8. Bread. There’s always room for a good bread, don’t you think?
    9. Rock a bye baby. I used to sing it to my brother and when I was fishing on the Trent. Yeah, I thought singing to the fish would encourage them to bite.
    10. Oooh… you could do sort of an underwatery black-and-green theme like the cover to Disintegration. That would be supa=cool.

  4. 1.The beverage I’m sipping on right now is pretty darn good, rye and pepsi, with lots of ice
    2.The floor of my bedroom closet has a couple of rolled up rugs, a too small dress, and a negleted box of weight-watchers books.
    3.motorbikes, noisy, evil and dangerous
    4.My personality is definitely like Nova Scotia weather, subject to change at a moments’ notice.
    5.A chocolate bar
    6.I think that shift work should be banned.
    7.I love to play scrabble.
    8.Scalloped potatoes.
    9.Froggy went-a-courtin
    10.A rich creamy yellow

  5. 1. Well I am having a beer on ice and it is tasting very good!
    2. A laundry hamper
    3. I have always found motorcycles to be sexy! I just don’t want to be on one on any of the 400 highways.
    4. Sunny with rain showers!
    5. Penny candy – well not a penny anymore but it is under a buck!
    6.I think __I_________ should be ____on a beach_______.
    7. Any kind of card game.
    8. I love asparagas with feta cheese, tomatoes and balsamic vinegrette.
    9. Sweet Caroline – Gordie Hendrickin used to sing it to me every morning.
    10. I love yellow – anything bright and sunny.

  6. Okay, I am home from Buffalo. Here are my answers!

    1. I could go for a big glass of ice water. Make that a pitcher. And some Pepto-Bismol.
    2. A giant stuffed animal (a tiger) wearing a t-shirt and some medals — he was our mascot in club ball), several gym bags, some shoes, a laundry hamper, and a U.S. Navy t-shirt.
    3. Motorcycles are evil and dangerous and NOISY AS HELL.
    4. Cloudy with sunny periods, with a chance of frost.
    5. Well, aside from fruit… Canada flag stuff at the dollar store! And all kinds of yellow happy-face stuff.
    6. I think we should be winning a big lottery sometime soon.
    7. I will admit to a fondness for the Sims2 computer games, but as far as conventional board games go, I love Trivia Pursuit.
    8. Salad of cherry tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, feta, and sweet onions in a nice vinaigrette.
    9. The Court of King Caractacus has been in my head recently, for some inexplicable reason. But also, I have a fondness for the songs from Schoolhouse Rock.
    10. I have some bedding and accessories in mind, but if I don’t get them, I think a nice pale green.

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