All About Us

Adoption Journey — Day 216

(Before we begin… You know what gives me great glee? That dash in the Adoption Journey title up there. Well, strictly speaking, it’s grammatically wrong. The psycho headcase I used to work for would be apoplectic at the thought of spaces between the words and the dash. I do it that way  to give a big virtual two-fingers-up and a “Jog on!” at her memory. And if you get where that last little reference is from, I’ll give you a Cornetto.)

Okay. So. Where was I?

Oh yes. All about us.

Well, this is the title of the little photo pages I am putting together for our file to Ethiopia. I have been poring over photographs and fighting with software for the last little while so that I can create a little photo page booklet about our little family.

It’s really been quite fun. Yeah, I’ve been fighting with software, but that is because I was using it as an opportunity to learn more about how to use the software. So, while it’s been annoying, it didn’t really have to be. I was just trying to learn.

But outside of learning, there’s a nifty little tool that guides you as you create your photo pages. So I used that instead. And if I might say so myself… it’s starting to look pretty darn good.

I took a long time choosing photographs. I wanted to make sure we had a full picture of us (in the figurative sense) when I created these pages, because that’s the only representation of our family that the decision makers in the Ethiopian government department that receive our file will have.

I wanted it to be true.

So, we have some pictures of the two of us from our wedding, and one of BDH working on a computer. There’s one of me in a Japanese yukata (kind of a casual kimono thing) and one of me snuggling The Bubby.

Of course, there are pictures of each of the cats. They’re family too.

There are photos of our parents and our sisters and their husbands. There’s a bunch of pictures of our new baby’s cousins-to-be. And there are some of our friends, who are our extended family.

And there are pictures of us coaching volleyball. Our involvement with the kids is something we’re proud of, and something we’re good at. It’s part of us.

I had to cut so may pictures out, because there are just too many. You can’t send a whole scrapbook.

So, I settled on 8 pages. I know its too much. But I don’t care.

We’re two busy, happy people surrounded by family and friends who love us and who we love. They’re all a part of who we are.

It wouldn’t be complete otherwise. And neither would we.