Good News on Two Fronts

Adoption Journey — Day 213

First, I just received an email from our homestudy social worker that said:

I was in touch with the Ministry this morning and everything is fine on your file so you should receive your approval in the next few weeks. Congratulations, you’re on your way!

As soon as you hear about a referral, please let me know. We’ll meet again at that time.

And, secondly… it’s raining!

SQUEEE! <happy clap>

7 thoughts on “Good News on Two Fronts

  1. Okay…really…nothing I could say could compare with

    SQUEEEEE!!!!!!! except maybe


  2. Okay…really…nothing I could say could compare with

    SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!(happy clapping double-time) except maybe

    (much jumping up and down along with happy clapping)!

    (Let’s try this again, my fingers are tired from the first day back to work after a week’s vacation.)

  3. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou everyone! Looks like I had better get cracking on my “to do” list now. I have a bunch of documents to notarize, a will to write, a bunch of family photo pages to create, and a letter to write to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Ethiopia (first on the list: find out what that department in Ethiopia is ACTUALLY called. Ministry of Women’s Affairs does NOT look right.)

    Once that approval comes back, I want everything ready to get that dossier sent off to Ethiopia as soon as possible.

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