My Eyeballs. They Spin.

So, we finally — FINALLY — got to see our double feature yesterday.

BDH came home early, while I was at the vet with The Bubby. So when I arrived home, it was to a surprise — BDH had taken the afternoon off, and planned a date. We were going for lunch, then to a double feature of Harry Potter and The Bourne Ultimatum, starting mid-afternoon. WHEEEE!

I had a quick shower to de-fuzz myself after taking a very grumbly Bubby to the vet, and then we were off. Lunch was a quick one, just some appetizers to nibble on at a restaurant we frequent, where we have gotten to know the staff fairly well. So we munched on chicken quesadillas and chicken wings and chatted with our favourite wait staff.

From there, it was off to the theatre. We were using our free coupons from our airmiles account, so it was doubly fun to do a double feature. Nothing like spending NO MONEY and having a great time.

First, we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now, this was my favourite book of the 7, so I was looking forward to it. And BDH has really enjoyed the Harry Potter series, so he was excited as well. As we were about 10 or 15 minutes in, BDH turned to me and whispered, “I love it already!” But… from there, it went downhill. The movie was not true to the book — well, the book is 700-ish pages, so they couldn’t include everything. But they did give short shrift to some of the parts that we really enjoyed from the book (I am not going to tell you, because although I adore spoilers, I know most people don’t), and some facts they changed altogether (which makes BDH nuts). And as the movie went on, it got faster and faster and things that should have been given full development were woefully handled. It all seemed so very rushed, as if they realized they were running out of time and had to cram a bunch of things in.

So, while it was entertaining enough, it was below expectations. It was disappointing. Out of a 10, I’d give it about a 6.5.

After the movie was done, we zipped home for a quick bathroom break and to check on the cats, and then it was back to the theatre for The Bourne Ultimatum.

Now, normally I don’t enjoy the action movies. But the Bourne series has been really well done, lots of tension and intrigue and not terribly bloodthirsty. Sure, they’re oftentimes kind of predictable plot-wise, but who cares? There’s lots of action and they’re always good entertainment value. And this one, I am happy to say, was no exception. Still not terribly deep on plot (although there were some crazy good plot devices), and perhaps you have to suspend disbelief a fair bit in some action sequences, but BAH — for the money, it’s great fun. And the guest stars — we spent the first half of the movie playing “spot the cameo”. (Personally, anytime you have David Strathairn in a movie I am intrigued.) So Bourne did not disappoint at all. Fantastic.

So I’d give this installment of Bourne a 9 out of 10.

All in all, we had a great day out. But oh my doG — after two movies jam-packed full of action, my eyeballs were a-spinning.

4 thoughts on “My Eyeballs. They Spin.

  1. I agree with you on the HP5 movie. It’s like they flipped through the book saying “we’ll take that bit, that bit, that bit, oh and we have to have that bit” etc and then threw it all together. Tres disappointing!

  2. Too right, haze — A complete schmozzle! I don’t know about you, but they could have made it a couple of hours longer WITH all the important bits thrown in. With an extra bag of popcorn and another bevvy, I would SO be there. With an intermission/pee break. Like in Gandhi.

  3. Hey Dudes….

    I have to chip in that the Bourne III was EXCELLENT though. I read all the books years ago (total beach stuff) and they were great… but each movie seemed to get better. My hubbie (a non-reader, I mean, he can read, but he doesn’t LIKE to….) was even flirting with the idea of picking up one of the old paperbacks.


  4. I would agree Nicky. I found it very entertaining, and the thought of reading the books now has appealed to me as well. BDH says he read them a long, long time ago, and enjoyed them — which is why we went to see Bourne I in the first place.

    I also really liked how they tied up some loose ends in the last film, and each film was alluded to in all kinds of spots. I like that it was all pulled together so well.

    Matt Damon said he’d consider doing another Bourne, but only if Paul Greengrass directs again. And I’d have to say — hell yeah. Greengrass has done a great job with the last 2 films and I’d certainly go see another if they were both attached.

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