I bake just to relax.

Some shows and movies bear watching over and over again.

The quiet is almost loud.

A couple of vegetables IS all you need for dinner.

I think I could sleep for days.

My cat is too beautiful for words.

Ponytails are tiresome.

I realize how ill-prepared I am to be a mom.

Rainy days give me an excuse to be a lazy bum.

One of the cats snores.

I really miss being thin.

A clean house makes your mind and spirit content.

I am hit by the enormity of what it means to adopt from Ethiopia.

There’s nothing to eat in the house that appeals to me.

Lucy has a nose whistle.

I wonder if I should go back to work.

Quieter, gentler songs are better.

My computer seems to get constipated.

Chatting by IM isn’t the same.

I think time is passing more slowly, and am glad that I have learned to enjoy it.