Friday Fun: 7 Questions About You

Blahblahblah… every day, it’s all about ME. (Well, it IS my blog, after all.) So for a change of pace… tell me some things about YOU!

A nice, short one today… but the answers may not be!

  1. What is your earliest memory?
  2. What do you like about your appearance?
  3. What do you dislike about your appearance?
  4. What is your favourite smell?
  5. What’s the worst job you’ve ever done?
  6. Who do you want to play you in the film version of your life?
  7. Tell me a secret.

There. That shouldn’t take too long.

And I’ll reply when I get back from… driving hither and yon. BDH is off to Michigan so I get the truck and that means… AIR CONDITIONING! ALL WEEKEND!  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: 7 Questions About You

  1. 1. I never know if it is my memory or someone talking about it so often that I can now see it in my mind but my earliest memory is being at the hospital when my baby brother was born. We could not go into the room but we looked through the glass to see my mom going into the labour room.
    2. I like my cheekbones because they are like my mom’s. I also like my hair because it is like my Aunt’s. I wish that I could say that I like my smile but I was always so self-conscious about it because I have a space.
    3. I wish that I did not have “thunder thighs” but it does help my skating!
    4. I love the crisp smell of fresh snow. I also love the smell of pine needles in the summer. I love the smell of lilacs in the spring.
    5. I tried to sell those coupon books but I think that lasted a day! I was a chambermaid at Minaki Lodge in Northern Ontario – pretty disgusting what a group of men can do to a bathroom!
    6. Holly Hunter – I think that she is a wonderful actress.
    7. I am supposed to be working right now. SHHHH! Don’t tell my boss!

  2. 1. I have memories of camping in Cape Breton with my family. BDH was in diapers so I was about 4.
    2. My eyes.
    3. Everything else.
    4. My girls fresh from the tub.
    5. Waitress when I was 16 or 17. Abuse, abuse, abuse from the customers and the owners.
    6. Haven’t got a clue…hopefully not someone who weighs 90 lbs and not anorexic.
    7. I love the Family Channel movies lately, like High School Musical, Jump In, Cheetah Girls, etc. They are fun, lighthearted, have a great lesson and I don’t have to think too much about it, just enjoy it.

  3. Summers are so quiet in here!

    Okay, here are my answers:
    1. A black and white checkerboard floor in my parents’ house — we only lived there until I was 3, so I had to be younger than that.
    2. I have great nails. A natural french manicure.
    3. Too many flaws to mention. My weight chief among them.
    4. Baking. Specifically, fresh baking bread or chocolate chip cookies, or anything with cinnamon in it.
    5. Sorting beer bottles — manually — for the beer store. You had to sort them by hand and it was in a filthy warehouse at 6 am and you got skunky beer splashed all over yourself. And there was no end to the delightful things you found at the bottom of some of the beer bottles. I think I lasted 3 weeks. Maybe.
    6. I used to think Helen Hunt until she got all skeletal — I used to bear a passing resemblance.
    7. I ate a box of cheap chocolates all by myself yesterday.

  4. 1. That was so long ago you will be really testing my memory. I guess it was going to school for the first time. I was the smallest one in the class.
    2. I’m happy that I am still a reasonable size for my age. Although I am still a little over weight for my size.
    3. Hey I’m 63 years old what is there to like. Everything is starting to move south. That leaves wrinkles everywhere.
    4. Cinnamon. Chocolate.
    5. Working at a blueberry factory where they canned blueberries. Then they canned pears. They had conveyer belts and we had to pick up the leaves and debree from the blueberries before they went into the water bath then to the can. I kept falling asleep because of the motion of the belt. Hope you didn’t get one of my so called cleaned cans of blueberries.
    6. Sally Fields. She is about my size but in better shape.
    7. Sorry, my children are reading this so can’t answer this
    question. They will blackmail me for ever.

  5. 1. I remember being in a walker and going up and down the hallway. The awful ’60s purple and orange linoleum tile was still on the floor, so I must have been younger than two.
    2. I usually like my hair, unless it’s humid out and my hair’s being a jerk.
    3. I have heavy, stumpy arms and legs. They add unneeded visual pounds.
    4. Rain in the springtime.
    5. I only get to pick one, eh? All the various telemarketing jobs I worked have run together as one big festival of crap.
    6. Famke Janssen, because she is Teh Hawt and I’m easily that shallow.
    7. I haven’t been taking my iron pills as well as I should.

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