In Bloom

Summertime is in bloom.

My life has become an endlessly boiling pot full of potatoes. Or sometimes corn. Bubbling and boiling and steaming up the kitchen.

Green beans too, getting “tender-crisp”, the point of nirvana for cooking vegetables.

Salad as simple as chopped tomatoes and sliced onions and olive oil and seasoning.

Herbs, fragrant and tempting, sprinkled in everything.

Big, fat, juicy onions, still warm from the garden. Onions chopped and eyes watering. Bits of green onion in every sandwich and salad.

Sandwiches are just an excuse for slices of tomato. With kosher salt and pepper.

Fresh pesto to make the house smell like a bit of Italy.

A basket full of plums and peaches and nectarines on the table. Craving something sweet? Take a bite.

Fruit salad for breakfast, with a mango diced in because you can.

It’s summer. Dig in. Enjoy.

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