Stop Yer Cryin’, You Big Baby


I’m making meatloaf (or, as we know it around here — MEAT STICK) for supper tonight. I make a decent meatloaf, I must say. And BDH, he loves him some meatloafy goodness.

So as I get my ingredients together, I think: OH! Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL to use some ingredients from our lovely garden?

So out I troop to the veggie garden, and pull up a big, fat, round onion.

(You see where this is going already, don’t you.)

It’s PERFECT, this onion. I rinse off the excess dirt and pull off the outer skin, and then lob off the greens on top. I have to say, the greens smelled DIVINE. There’s no smell like it.

I get out my cutting board and start making lovely, thin slices.

And suddenly…


Eyes! Watering!

Fumes! Attacking my eyes!


Crying! Many tears!



Many! Tears!

Half an hour later, my kitchen smells lovely. My eyes still hurt.

Bastard onion.

3 thoughts on “Stop Yer Cryin’, You Big Baby

  1. My eyes are burning right along with yours. That hurts man. I have learned to stick the onion in a ziplock baggie and put it in the freezer for a while. It stops the juice spraying. Aren’t you glad you got to use your own produce. Quite a sense of accomplishment indeed.

  2. We made Ethiopian food last week… you should have seen it. Four FOUR dishes with at least 6 onions in each. Holy, the house was just fumed.

    But the food tasted good 🙂


  3. Yum! BDH loves him some onions, so he’d be happy as Larry.

    We will have to try Ethiopian food one of these times when we are feeling adventurous. Maybe in the fall, have some friends over, have a little cooking/dinner party…

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