Can It Be?

Oh, miracle of miracles! Can it be TRUE?

Is there actually RAIN in the forecast today? *gasp!*

Meh, I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve heard this fairy tale before. But, as I have mentioned previously, this little city I live in is soon to be declared a desert from the lack of precipitation this summer. It’s as dry as a bone around these parts and everything is brown and crunchy.

But then again…

I have to run some errands today, so it would stand to reason that, since it would be highly inconvenient for it to rain, it probably will.

Today’s errands are in and of themselves a minor miracle. Because today, I head to our adoption agency to drop off a cheque for eleventy billion dollars for our adoption.

Yep, that’s right. It’s Big Cheque Day.

(Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. It’s actually Big Money Order Day. Same thing, though, really. Semantics.)

So I have to run to the bank to get some big money for our agency so they can get things rolling on our adoption. They have our homestudy in hand, so now it’s time to get our portfolio of other stuff together to send to Ethiopia.

Also? They won’t send our homestudy to the Ministry here in Ontario unless we bring them a cheque. We were not told this by our social worker two weeks ago — we were under the impression that she sent it off. So, once again, another little miscommunication sets us back a week or two in our timeline. At this rate, we should have our child home in time for him to head off to university or maybe start his career. Sheesh.

Is there NO ONE in this process who can tell us EXACTLY what happens? I mean, how hard IS it? Good grief.

Anyhoo… that, in the words of the immortal Frank Burns, is neither fish nor nuts. Because there is RAIN IN THE FORECAST!


As long as it doesn’t rain too hard while I am out driving around in my little in-need-of-service car with no air conditioning, I’ll be fine.

It’s hard to drive in the pouring rain when you have 4/60 air conditioning.

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