The Best Laid Plans…

Well, we never DID make it to our double feature.

We went to the theatre, and Bourne was sold out. It was an hour before showtime, and it was Sold. Out. That’s crazy in a little city like ours. Just nutty.

So we gave up and came home. We figured it was a sign.

But… we had already bought our popcorn and pop for the movie, so…

We came home to the lovely air conditioning and watched the two previous Bourne movies. And, since we had planned to catch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as part of our double feature, we watched all four of the previous Harry Potter movies as well.

Not all at once, mind you. Over the course of the weekend.

Well, it’s not a long weekend without a good double feature (or sextuple feature?). And we CERTAINLY couldn’t let good movie popcorn go to waste.

2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. I am glad things worked out for you and you got to spend a relaxing weekend together. I didn’t realize in the previous post you were looking for a theatre movie and would have recommended Ratattoui (or however you spell it). We took Autumn and giggled through the whole movie. It was very well done.

  2. Enjoy the double feature opportunities while they last. One of the hardest things to do since Rachel came along is to get out to a movie together. Now, I have seen some summer movies since I am a movie junkie. KellyAnne has gone to the Reel Babies once but we haven’t seen a movie together since the second Pirates movie last year! We are planning a strategic babysitting attack on KellyAnne’s Mom so we can get to the latest Harry Potter before it leaves the theatres here.

    Good luck on your next attempt!

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